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Dark Black
The Barbarian´s Hammer
March 2006
Released: 2005, Hot Dog City Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Asassinkiller

I am truly pissed off by what just happened here. I really tried to give Dark Black´s THE BARBARIAN´S HAMMER a great score. I promise I did my best but it just didn’t happen. I listened to the CD more than 15 times, learned all the great songs by heart and still, there was one aspect of it all, that kept on annoying me every time I listened to it: the awful vocals. Sorry guys, I really wanted to get into your stuff with all my metallic heart, because you truly know what Metal is about, but I just couldn´t. Man am I pissed. That feeling of wanting to like a band and not being able too sucks big time!!!

THE BARBARIAN´S HAMMER has 5 tracks that run around 30 minutes. The music is as Metal, shredding and unpolished as it can be. Wild solos, unpolished raw production and awesome songwriting. You can hear a big influence from Priest´s classics like SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE and BRITISH STEEL and at the same time the spirit of Maiden´s first two masterpieces. But Houston, Dark Black has a problem: the vocals. The annoying out of pitch vocals.

The artwork is fucking amazing and Metal. The promo picture that was sent to the press is an A+, man is that picture Metal or what!!! But damn, you have to hear the vocals.

I really don’t know what else to say about this release. I swear I tried to embrace it for all the aura around it, but I just couldn’t. This guys really need to do something, cause as I said the music is fucking true and amazing Heavy Metal, but what good is this with awful vocals. Damn the vocals!!! Stay Heavy!!!
Track Listing

Bracers of the Eagle's Talon
The Warhammer
A Tale of Vengeance
Axestorm (Sign of the Master)


Tim - vocals, bass guitar
Ant - lead and rhythm guitars
Carl Carlson - drums

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