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July 2011
Released: 2011, ProMedia GmbH
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Much loved and revered Austrian Melodic BlackMetal/Neo-Folk/Ambient outfit Dornenreich return with a fine new addition to their already impressive back catalogue. In many ways this is a case of ‘less is more’, as the band seem (to me anyway) to be re-streamlining, stripping back, almost simplifying their ‘attack’...a case of rediscovering themselves and their humble beginnings. Hence “Flammentribe” is their first Black Metal album in over a decade.

Here is a band not afraid to abandon bombast, and to yield to the simpler more gentle acoustic leanings, they know how to ‘mix it up’ yet do it with elegant ease, I keep using this word I know, yet Dornenreich are a truly ‘organic’ band. Their music is genuinely ‘emotional’, it is powerful and gripping, alternately ferocious then gently many other bands can truly lay claim to do it so naturally? If you’re honest...the answer is very few indeed. There then lays Dornenreich’s innate charm.

If you are unfamiliar with this band (are you sure…if so that you’re even a Metalhead?), then bands such as Alcest have taken more than a pinch of influence from these Austrians. Dornenreich in turn have certainly been taking note of Opeth, seeing how the power of the crushing riff can be harnessed and mated to beautiful mellifluous melodies to astounding effect, and somehow, Dornenreich have now shown how the balance can be melded to near perfection…believe me when I tell you that “Flammentriebe” is a simply astonishing album.

The bewildering aspect of this album is it’s brevity, I was fully expecting up to an hour of music when I first received this, but no, “flammentriebe” clocks in at a way too short 35 minutes, leaving you desperately crying out for more as it fades away... It seems a bizarre decision in an era when albums can last up to 70-80 minutes to release something of almost EP length, BUT, when you have created near perfection, why risk lessening your impact by throwing extra material on, that in turn, may in the end, only detract from your delicious and wondrous Masterpiece? Simply Exquisite!

Review: Satanic Muttley
Track Listing

2.Der Wunde Trieb
3.Tief Im Land
5.Wandel Geschehe
6.Fahrte Der Nacht
7.In Allem Weben
8.Erste Deine Trein Lochst Den Brand
9.Ich Bin Aus Mir (Demo Version, Her Von Welken Nachten)
10.Grell Und Dunkel Stromt Das Leben (Demo Version, Her Von Welken Nachten)


Eviga (vocals/guitar/bass)
Dragomir/Gilvan (drums)

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