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Back For the Attack
August 2002
Released: 1987, Elektra
Rating: 4.7/5
Reviewer: CrashTest

Classic Album Review

Dokken will always hold a special place in my blackened metal heart. Throughout much of the 80s I was convinced that they had one of the best voices in metal with Don Dokken and the best guitar player on the planet, bar none, in George Lynch. Any time I listened to a new Dokken song, it was tempting to fast forward to see what kind of solo Lynch would lay down after the first two verses. The man could smoke. Dokken released three superb albums in the 80s, BACK FOR THE ATTACK being the final chapter in the trilogy of excellence. Perhaps in the future I will review the other two, TOOTH & NAIL (4.5/5) and UNDER LOCK AND KEY (4.75/5).

The thing that made Dokken so good, besides the previously mentioned voice and guitar, was that they brought a great since of melody and vocal harmony to metal. Who would have thought that vocal harmonies would have sounded so good over heavy guitars and pounding drums? Yet the thing that made BFTA so good was that it showed Dokken were willing to take a chance, in that the band followed a platinum album with a heavier offering, rather than going soft to build on the momentum of their new-found commercial success.

The highlights of the album, besides the killer Lynch solos, are “Kiss of Death,” “Prisoner” and perhaps one of the best Dokken tunes of them all, “Sleepless Night.” Yet, with the exception of the final song, which was written for one of the Nightmare on Elm Street films, each track is worthy of acclaim. The bottom line is this: BFTA belongs in the collection of every self-respecting metalhead, whether self-proclaimed metal elitists want to admit it or not. To those who deny this gospel truth, I salute you with my middle finger!

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