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Divine Heresy
Bringer of Plagues
August 2009
Released: 2009, Century Media
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Alan Gilkeson

Earthquake ferocity, explosions, and implosions galore, Dino Cazares's Divine Heresy return with a new screamer and primal intensity. After the embittered split with Tommy 'Vext' Cummings, this young project has already had it's share of dramatic drudgery. However, judging by the sound of the disc currently spinning in my laptop, Divine Heresy certainly remain infidels of the holiest order, boiling over with tremendous riffs, glorious blast beats, and brutal howls.

BRINGER OF PLAGUES is similar to their debut. It's hard for Dino to escape the Fear Factory comparisons and sound, after all he practically created it all by himself, but add to it a bit more solo work and even more intense riffing, and you have the basis of Divine Heresy. However, compared to the last album, the drum work amazingly expands here, with Tim Yeung way high in the mix, the brutality is up front, in your face.

Still, special kudos go to new vocalist Travis Neal, who's fierce Thrash Metal vocal decimates his predecessor, and when it comes time for a clean vocal, like the ballady 'Darkness Embedded' he pulls that off as well. Divine Heresy are still eerily similar to Fear Factory, but in my opinion, the drums and vocal far exceeds Dino's former mates in all facets.
Track Listing

01. Facebreaker
02. The Battle of J. Casey
03. Undivine Prophecies (Intro)
04. Bringer of Plagues
05. Redefine
06. Anarchaos
07. Monolithic Doomsday Devices
08. Letter to Mother
09. Enemy Kill
10. Darkness Embedded
11. The End Begins
12. Forever the Failure


Tim Yeung : Drums
Joe Payne : Bass
Dino Cazares : Guitar
Travis Neal : Vocals

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