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Classic Diamonds with The Classic Night Orchestra
November 2004
Released: 2004, AFM
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

The German melodic metal-queen Doro Pesch walks in the path of Metallica, Scorpions, Kiss and Deep Purple to released an album with her old songs featuring a symphonic orchestra. The name of the orchestra is Metal Classic Orchestra from Bochums Germany and this is the first release on Doro’s new label.

I’m sure most of you readers know who Doro is, she has been in the German band Warlock and after that she started out a long solo career. Her last studio album came out in 02 and was called “FIGHT”. Now it’s time to follow up “FIGHT” with this best of album that also contains some newly written tracks to make this album more appealing to buy for her fans. But according to the info note this is NOT a best of album at all (but that could be questioned ‘cause of the songs on the album).

The first track out on EP is the ballad “LET LOVE RAIN ON ME” which is a very radio oriented track, on the EP there’s also 5 songs that isn’t featured on the album. On “CLASSIC DIAMONDS” Doro runs through the old Warlock hits like “I RULE THE RUINS”, “ALL WE ARE” and “FÜR IMMER”. The newer songs are “LET LOVE RAIN ON ME”, “I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU” which is featured on my promo copy but there’s more newer songs on the album. There is also a bonus track called “ALWAYS LIVE TO WIN”.

I have never followed this woman’s career and I’ve only heard one or two albums by her but I listened to Warlock and I have to say that Doro never made a lasting impression on me at all. And to be honest I don’t really know which of the songs that are old solo songs. The only song I can recognize as a solo track is “BURN IT UP” from “CALLING THE WILD”.

By some strange reason Doro chooses to do a cover of the old Judas Priest monster hit “BREAKING THE LAW” which she does together with the legendary singer of Accept, Udo. And even though I was a huge fan of both Accept and U.D.O I have to say that this duet sounds awful. Doro’s and Udo’s voices do not match each other at all and this must be one of the weakest duets I’ve heard lately. To take such a classical song and totally wreck it with strings is sad. Another song that won’t make it to any of my lists of best songs ever is the very odd “METAL TANGO”. And just like the title says it’s a metal track with tango beat. At the end there are flamenco guitars that comes in and I only shake my head and wonder what on earth has Doro done here.

There’s nothing wrong with the production as it sounds pretty great. It looks like the production is made by the owner of the studio where they have recorded the album, Majors Studio, Klaus Heuser. You can hear the orchestra well and clear and Doro lies at the top of the mix with her lead vocals. AFM has done something very irritating on this promo copy, they have shortened the songs by fading out when it’s about 30 to 45 seconds left of the track. They have cut down 11 song, the only one who is whole is “I RULE THE RUINS” and one can really wonder what’s the purpose of that is.

This album does nothing for me, it only feels tiring to once again hear heavy metal combined with strings has done before. I’m sure that fans of Doro will appreciate this but to me it feels like this train has left the station a long time ago. It also feels like there are too many ballads and they feel weak and thin.

On the positive side I have to say that Doro still has her voice intact through all these years in the business, the old Warlock songs are also a big plus. But after all this I could recommend this album as a Christmas gift to someone in your family, like your grandma or mum. I’m sure they would like this easy listening melodic hardrock/string album.

The album is gonna be available as a limited edition with three bonus tracks included. And according to the info note Doro is about to head out on the road in Germany really soon.
Track Listing

I rule the ruins
Metal tango
Breaking the law (cover)
All we are
Für Immer
Let love rain on me
Burn it up
1000x gelebt
I’m in love with you
Love me black
Always live to win (bonus track)


Doro Pesch – lead vocals
Metal classic night orchestra – all instruments

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