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July 2006
Released: 2006, The End Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Asassinkiller

Some reviews are definitely harder to write than others and this surely is going to be a tough one. I mean, even after all that happened to the band in the nineties with Nodtveidt being incarcerated by murdering an Algerian Immigrant in Sweden, the two first releases of the band, THE SOMBERLAIN and STORM OF THE LIGHTS BANE, are still seen today as true untouchable Metal masterpieces. We have a band that surely is not a follower in the scene. So when getting REINKAOS, a CD that was 11 years in the making, I have to be as objective as I can, because this is not just another release. It is a Dissection release and I know many of you out there are waiting to hear what this sounds like.

Now to the review. REINKAOS, as many of you may know by now, is a side of Dissection that we had never heard. The sound is more mid-tempo and there are no extremely fast parts like in the first two releases. The production is meatier and this time you can actually hear the bass, so in that department, I will give the band two thumbs up. I have read in many sites that REINKAOS sounds like In Flames and At The Gates, and even if I agree that in some parts it does, I still think that this third and final release of the band still sounds like Dissection, a different Dissection Though.

REINKAOS is not as raw, aggressive and energetic as STORM OF THE LIGHTS BANE or THE SOMBERLAIN. It is a more mature release, where the band incorporates traditional songwriting, with songs clocking from 3 to 5 minutes. Gone are the epics like “Black Horizons”, “The Somberlain”, “A Land Forlorn”, “Night’s Blood”, “Unhallowed” and “Thorns of Crimson Death”.

Even if REINKAOS is not as good as their two godly previous releases, it is still a pretty decent record that surely takes some time to sink in. I say this, cause the first time I heard REINKAOS I was completely disappointed and wanted to blow it with a nuke. I kept on hearing it and now that it has spinned in my CD player from 10 to 15 times and I am really enjoying it as a great Metal record. But just that.

Had Dissection not released those two No Fashion masterpieces, this would have been a better album. I encourage you to listen to REINKAOS as the closing saga of one of Metal greatest bands ever (unfortunately they are splitting up soap opera style). After what they have given to the Metal masses, they deserve you giving a try to their latest opus. And remember, don’t let the first listen fool you, in the depth of it, REINKAOS is a decent Metal CD of Anti-Cosmic Metal of Death. Stay Heavy!!!
Track Listing

01. Nexion 218
02. Beyond the Horizon
03. Starless Aeon
04. Black Dragon
05. Dark Mother Divine
06. Xeper-I-Set
07. Chaosophia
08. God of Forbidden Light
09. Reinka?s
10. Internal Fire
11. Maha Kali


Jon Nödtveidt: Vocals & Guitars
Set Teitan: Guitars & Backing Vocals Tomas Asklund: Battery

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