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Metal Service
August 2010
Released: 2010, Pure Steel Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

German ´true´ metal force Dragonsfire have returned back to us with their 2nd album, METAL SERVICE, which is said to be ´faster, harder and sexier´ than their debut album (VISIONS OF FIRE) that was released on German Pure Steel Records 2 years ago.

Well, at least they can count on one thing on their 2nd opus: It sounds damn fucking good even if that does not tell much, I guess. Basically when I reviewed the band´s VISIONS OF FIRE album in January 2009 by taking Maiden, Iced Earth and Manowar as some of their reference points when trying to describe their 100% metallic onslaught on the band´s debut record, I think I might still be daring enough by picking those 3 band names up as the closest reference points to the band´s latest release METAL SERVICE as well. They haven´t hidden all that what they had on their debut album, but kept them instead – and let things just flow in the natural course rather than altering their song writing process a bit. And it has rewarded them pretty well on METAL SERVICE, too - as we can talk about more than just a solid follow-up album.

With this new 11-song effort (recorded at Empire Studios together with Rolf Munkes who has previously worked for example with such artists as Tony Martin, Empire and Razorback), Dragonsfire do what they can do best, i.e. churning out a relatively aggressive, straight yet easily flowing and melodic (true) heavy metal that is throughout well executed, having all those Maiden-Manowar-Iced Earth influences striking out here and there on the album like sharp nails.

But so what? The album´s pure entertainment level is still unquestionable, no doubts. The musicianship is strong in Dragonsfire, and the guys seem to work seamlessly together as the up-tempo, Maiden-ish opener “My Mashed Insane Brain…” and slightly Iced Earth-tinged “King Without a Crown” prove it more than well. Actually the more I was spinning the album through, the more I started liking it little by little – honestly without even caring much whether this or that song lacked originality or not. Overwhelming and catchy is definitely the most describable keyword that be used here. Our skilled German flag bearers in Dragonsfire for a dose of straightforward and melodic ´true´ heavy/power metal don´t have to apologize to any of us on their more-than-solid 2nd album, serving us their own slice of hook-filled metal as purest form as they just can. They deliver – and they smoke, it´s as simple as that.

Metal served well on METAL SERVICE? Yes.
Track Listing

01. Welcome
02. My Mashed Insane Brain...
03. Raging Fire
04. Call of the Heart
05. The Devil
06. Blood for Blood
07. King Without a Crown
08. Time of Twilight
09. Visions of Fire
10. Ghosts
11. To Hell and Back
12. Lost Melody


Torsten Thassilo Herbert - Vocals and bass
Timo Rauscher - Guitar
Matthias Bludau - Guitar
Jan Müller - Drums

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