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Eye Of The Storm
April 2011
Released: 2011, Liljegren Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Erich

Divinefire is a trio of Finnish and Swedish members, known mainly in Europe for melodic and hard edged metal. The band leans decidedly towards power and symphonic metal, but occasionally varies the vocals with some bowel grinding death growls and pummeling drumming. Of note, the band also supports a Christian message in many of the songs. Formed in 2004, EYE OF STORM is the band’s 5th album featuring Christian Liljegren of Golden Resurrection and Narnia fame as vocalist on some of the songs, while German Pascual joined the band later and is the featured singer on other songs. Multi-talented Jani Stefanovic handles guitars, drums, bass, orchestration and production duties. The guy is virtually a one man band, and an impressive one at that.

There are a few things about this album that are immediately gripping. First, and maybe even foremost is the clear and forceful production that renders lordly might to the songs on this album. Drums, guitars, and vocals all sound simply amazing. Somewhat predictably, the bass fails to distinguish itself as too much metal today is content with the bass mimicking the guitar. While having two vocalists on the album are confusing it does not matter. Both are up to the task as songs like “To Love And Forgive” and “Send Me Out” proves. Equally impressive is the axe work from Jani, whose riffs are technical and precise while the solos are searing melodic shred fests.

Less impressive in my opinion are the death metal vocals thrown in to the mix, not really appropriate to the music, and failing to improve the songs. Another minor but annoying observation is this band’s record label has to do a better job of giving accurate information as to who is actually playing on this album and not promoting certain guest appearances to try and boost sales when those guests are not actually on the album. Jani has already corrected several reviewers that the guest performances being advertised on this label, such as Pontus Norgren of Hammerfall are not actually featured on this album. This is disingenuous and misleading to people reviewing and buying the album and needs to be corrected. Otherwise, this is a well-executed and enjoyable album that any power metal fan should appreciate.
Track Listing

1. Time For Salvation

2. Hold On

3. Unchain My Soul

4. Bright Morning Star

5. To Love And Forgive

6. Even At My Lowest Point

7. Send Me Out

8. Masters & Slaves

9. The Worlds On Fire (New Recording 2011)

10 Never Surrender (New Recording 2011)

11. Masquerade

12. Close To The Fire


Christian Liljegren – Vocals
German Pascual – Vocals
Jani Stefanovic – Guitars, Bass, Drums & Orchestration

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