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December 2014
Released: 14th, Plastic Head
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Dominanz hail from Bergen, Norway. Their second album ‘Noxious’ was recorded with financial support from The Municipality of Bergen. This stuff is considered the ‘arts’ in Norway and the quality of the backing shines through.

Atmospheric ‘Embraced By Malice’ gently opens the album. I am initially struck by the clear diction, which is not often a feature of extreme metal. It’s is possible to hear Dominanz’s lyrics clearly and therefore appreciate the music more. Their sound has depth without need for epic symphonics, instead synth is used sparingly for embellishment, creating a melodic black metal sound

Moving further into the track list Dominanz show they have balls with a heavier sound. They impart a delicious restrained feeling of not going full out intense, due to a doom vibe rounding off the intensity. The tracks get progressively heavier, while still maintaining the overall blackened doominess. This is an album to stick on during long winter nights to a backdrop of incense and candles.

The heaviness stabilizes by ‘Dream Of Fire’ a track which features pretty guest vocals from ‘Doro Korsvold’ of Bergen band ‘Fairy’. ‘Devoured By The Black Hole’ powers along without hesitations, while still maintaining variety and a melodic vibe. ‘Divine Ignorance’ stands out for having a groove and a foot tapping beat, which is contrasted by nasty twisted lyrics. This album is so listenable it is almost too slick.

‘Servile Lackeys’ takes the beat up to notch into industrial territory (think Ministry), while still maintaining a blackened vibe. Even this track maintains the tension of previous tracks despite blast beats against the main tempo.

The lyrics of ‘You Shall Sire’ have the same misanthropic egotism as ‘Divine Ignorance’, which as a genre staple is to be expected but feels a little overdone. The album closes with title track ‘Noxious’, which features Abbath from the legendary Immortal. It is a melodic epic which cools the vibe back down again and closes the album very agreeably.

I can’t compare with previous releases but this is a quality piece of metal well worth checking out

Review by Victoria Fenbane
Track Listing

01. Embraced By Malice
02. Discipline
03. Dream Of Fire
04. Salvation
05. Devoured By The Black Hole
06. Divine Ignorance
07. Servile Lackeys
08. You Shall Sire
09. Noxious


Roy Mathisen (ex Taake, Ofryskje) - Vocals, bass, guitar and synth
Jørn Tunsberg (Hades Almighty, ex Immortal and Old Funeral) - Guitar
Frode Gaustad (ex Thy Grief) - Drums

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