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May 2003
Released: 2003, Xtreem Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Another worm-infested, decay-smelling and gory Death/Grind act coming from the nest of extremely punishing Death Metal acts, Xtreem Music. The Mexican meathook extremists Disgorge is one of the most known names to spread their grindy Death Metal plague over the borders of an extreme underground metal world and these butchers´ brutal Gore Death/Grind has been relatively well-hailed by the devoted fans, too. After several demos and a few CDs, Disgorge entered the studio in May 2002 to record their 3rd full-length that was titled NECRHOLOCAUST later.

Several delays later due to the album´s concept for the artwork and design, NECRHOLOCAUST was unleashed through Xtreem in January 2003 with 8 new Disgorge songs that seem to be loaded with tons of sheer hate, pure aggression and nihilistic brutality. Even if the band music has been labeled as ´brutal Gore Death/Grind´, the main weight has been laid on the ´Death´ element while the band has dropped some of the ´Grind´ element out of their new album. As its glorious wholeness, this new stuff pulverizes everything they have done earlier. The songs show a clear improvement compared to their past material; their song structures are way better thought-out and slightly catchier with enough twist and turns to keep a listener´s attention awake while the songs are blasting out of the speakers. The band´s growler Antimo sounds very much like a cross between Jeff Walker of Carcass, Janitor Muurinen of (old-) Xysma and Antti Boman of Demilich which I found pretty damn cool. He spits out blood, entrails and vomit constantly and, damn, he´s very good and convincing at that.

This is pure sonic violence from the very edge of extremity and is meant to clean your dusty ears for a few years to come. That´s what it´s gonna do – and even more, believe me!! NOW RELEASE THE FUCKIN´ FURY!!
Track Listing

01. Raise the Pestilence
02. Sodomic Baptism
03. Macabre Realms of Inhuman Bestiality
04. Ravenous Funeral Carnage
05. Necrholocaust
06. Goremassacre Perversity
07. Excremential Lust
08. Boiling Vomit Through 09. My Veins


Antimo – Oxidised Bulldozer & Vomits
Ed – Pyossisified Axe Grinder
Willy – Skull Crusher

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