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Dominion Caligula
May 2001
Released: 2000, No Fashion Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

For everyone´s joy(!) and sorrow(?), Emperor Magus Caligula left Dark Funeral in order to concentrate fully on his favorite music, created around a pompous name, Dominion Caligula! Worry not as I couldn´t lie more... - Dominion CAaligula, as far as I´ve understood, is more or less a project type of thing put together in late -´98, by Mr. "Dominion" with his good friends Emperor Magus Caligula from the icon-smashing monsters Dark Funeral and a long time ex-session drummer Robert a.k.a. "Gaahnfaust" from the same band. Luckily, the guys have been able to write music that has absolutely NOTHING in common with Dark Funeral´s devilishly raging, thrashing and bashing Black Metal assault. Their songs rage on a much heavier territory, being amazingly moody and catchy in some parts (just check out the songs like "A New Era Rises", "In Love with the Gods" and my own favorite number out of these 8 tracks on the album, "Praise Thy Victorious" - what an (un-)GODLY tune indeed!!) which make this album a true ear-candy to listen to.

Overall, their songs are carefully-crafted and apparently the guys have slowly been maturing them during all those hours they have spent in their rehearsal room for quite some time already. I have to point out that if you´re looking for "fillers" from this album, you´re looking for them from the wrong album. Every song stands out on its own and I actually found this an extremely welcome and refreshing release when all these "o´-so-romantic-Gothic-candle-deep-in-there" - or "InFlames-meets-DarkTranquillity-meets-Hammerfall" melo-metal acts are sucking more honey and drinking more royal wine than one is truly capable of swallowing. Dominion Caligula are out of this norm, uncompromisingly doing their own thing and probably not giving a shit ´bout the prevailing trends - whatsoever!! These Swedish gladiators of the ugliest kind (ups, sorry guys...), as the band´s name is already dropping a hint for all of you, have chosen to tell their own narcissistic and very much twisted versions about the ancient Roman Empire - giving even a bit pornographic approach to the concept in question (the 6. song on the album is called "Drink the Royal Seed", so go and draw your own conclusions out of that one... Disgusting and repulsive might someone add... ?)

After a whole bunch of ´weak´ releases (Hypocrite, Vermin, etc.), coming up lately from the No Fashion´s nest hole, Dominion Caligula´s monsterly HEAVY debut does the job for uplifting a profile of the label a slightly higher where it is nowadays. It ain´t bad, but it certainly ain´t too good either.

One request for the staff of No Fashion Records: More the same caliber of stuff in the future, please.
Track Listing

01. A New Era Rises
02. Dominion
03. Praise Thy Victorious
04. In Love with the Gods
05. Let Them Hate Me
06. Drink the Royal Seed (Fellatio Me Scrotum)
07. Let Me Become
08. Cold Black


Lars Johansson - Guitars
Dominion - Guitars
Joakim Widfäldt - Bass
Emperor Magus Caligula - Vocals
Gaahnfaust - Drums

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