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Dogmatic Absolution
Poetries Of Oppression
May 2015
Released: 2015, Tridroid Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The Italian necro nutjobs Dogmatic Absolution have once again mined the depths of despair with their new album "Poetries Of Oppression". It is black metal from the Darkthrone school, which sadly lacks the innate charm of the Norwegian legends.

Opening instrumental "Ventus Mortis" is an ambient, textured instrumental which segues into "Bringer Of Light" which is possessed of plenty of intensity, but not much focus. It is no-frills, lightspeed nastiness, with an anguished breakdown in the middle.

Track 3 "The Eternal Torture" is another swamp of rage, and unremarkable simplistic riffing which does not live long in the memory. Thankfully the title track is an altogether livelier affair, built around a well conceived riff and a sense of molten, surging power.

"Almighty Solitude" slows down the album's pace, the band hitting their stride and producing some quality. This pulchritude continues into the album closer "Night Arises", an eleven minute epic, which ebbs and flows and is the album's dynamic highlight.

"Poetries Of Oppression", is a decent, almost workmanlike album. When it is good it's purulent essence shines through. It is never awful, but it at times a touch dull.

Review By Owen Thompson
Track Listing

1) Ventus Mortis
2) Bringer Of Light
3) The Eternal Promise
4) Poetry Of Oppression
5) Almighty Solitude
6) Night Arises


El - Guitar
Azazel - Bass
Algeron - Vocals



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