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Dream Evil
December 2006
Released: 2006, Century Media
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Arto Lehtinen

The Swedish trad metal combo Dream Evil is basically guided by the producer wizard Fredrik Nordström who is known for inputs to albums of several metal bands. Even though the band is starred by this well-known producer, other guys involved in the ranks create Dream Evil. Before evil dreamers entered the studio Fredlstorm, the line-up underwent a few changes as the long time guitar player Gus G and drummer Snowy Shaw pulled out in pursuit of band careers of their own. Of course new replacements were recruited to fill the empty shoes. Hmm...being a little bit ironic Dream Evil ain’t that Swedish of an all star metal band hah.

Despite those line-up changes, the band has been able to keep the superior quality and create one hell of powerhouse full of fire, battle, and above all metal! The 12-track album stands for pure traditional metal influenced by typical heavy metal big names like Dio, Scorpions, Accept and so on which several metalheads around the globe have tried to adopt to the music of their own. The fist with the chains on the front cover already testifies the pure united metalic attitude and feeling. The united feeling can be felt when the output is kicked off by simply, but utter dynamic “Fire ! Battle ! In Metal” and then continued by the album title track “United”.

The Swedish trad metal five piece definitely relies on the power of the old school metal cliches by having catchy songs with chorus and melodic riffs making every listener raise their fist into the air and bang heads. Plenty of songs feature the obvious heavy metal cliches. However, UNITED is an excellent slab of true and above all modern power heavy metal.

Of course the album doesn’t present the narrow minded trad metal attitude as these Swedes still have some sense of humor left. The metalized version of the song of the Greek winner of the Eurovision song contest is a piece of hilarious evidence of the Dream Evil guys having a fresh and tongue-in-cheek grip in their metallic message. Frankly “My Number 1” sounds pretty well carried out and fun featuring the former Dream Evil members.

UNITED without any doubts please several trad metal fans for sure, offering a real pleasant listening experience of the traditional power heavy metal.
Track Listing

1. Fire! Battle! In Metal!
2. United
3. Blind Evil
4. Evilution
5. Let Me Out
6. Higher On Fire
7. Kingdom At War
8. Love Is Blind
9. Falling
10. Back From The Dead
11. Doomlord
12. My Number One


Niklas Isfeldt - vocals Fredrik Nordström -guitars/keyboards
Markus Fristedt - guitars
Peter Stalfors - bass
Patrik Jerksten - drums

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Dream Evil
October 2006
Released: 2006, Century Media/EMI
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Ever since the release of the band’s last album THE BOOK OF HEAVY METAL band leader Fredrik Nordström has had problems with the lineup. The last member to leave the band was drummer Snowy Shaw who was replaced by Pat Power. Earlier, both lead singer Niklas Isfeldt and bass player Peter Stålfors left the band but later returned. Guitarist Gus G. took a permanent vacation and was replaced by Mark Black.

Dream Evil still deliver the same heavy/power metal, but in contrast to the previous albums UNITED is little lighter and more melodic. Both Pat Power and Mark Black fill the void left by Snowy Shaw and Gus G. in an amazing way. Pat Power is great - if you didn’t know that Shaw left the band you could believe he was still behind the drums.

The album features 12 tracks. One of the songs is a cover of “My Number One” which is a Eurovision Song Contest song sung by Elena Paparizou. It’s a fun choice for a cover song and it sounds great - much better than the original, for once. But even though the material is well-written and everything around it is good, there’s something missing. The songs don’t meet the standards set by the previous albums and I expected more from a band of this caliber. THE BOOK OF HEAVY METAL felt much more solid when compared to UNITED and I don’t really know what went wrong. Don’t misunderstand me; the album is good, but not exceptionally great like the previous ones.

Killer tracks are “Fire!, Battle!, In Metal”, “United”, “Evilution”, “Let Me Out”, “Back From The Dead”, “Doomlord”, and “My Number One”.
Track Listing

Fire!, Battle!, In Metal!
Blind Evil
Let Me Out
Higher On Fire
Kingdom At War
Love Is Blind
Back From The Dead
My Number One


Niklas Isfeldt – lead vocals
Fredrik Nordström – guitar
Mark Black – guitar
Peter Stålfors – bass
Pat Power – drums

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