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Warrior Soul
May 2006
Released: 2006, AFM Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

CLASSIC DIAMONDS was the last album the German metal queen released, it was a compilation album with music re-arranged to fit a symphony orchestra and it came 2004 and now it’s time to look what she delivers this time.

Both the musicians and style are the same from last studio album FIGHT from 2002: the music is once again well played melodic heavy metal with hoarse vocals with a poor English accent, which is pretty strange with the thought that Doro’s been in the business since the mid- 80’s.

Doro has written 12 songs and as usual she has added both ballads and a few songs in German. Personally I think the material is solid and lasts an album through, but why so many ballads? There are way too many ballads that doesn’t do the album any good.

“You’re My Family”, “Strangers Yesterday”, “Creep Into My Brain” and “Above The Ashes” are all melodic heavy metal songs that sound like typical Doro.

Then we have a few harder songs like “Haunted Heart”, “Thunderspell”, “My Majesty” and the German “Ungebrochen”. Then comes the boring ballads “Warrior Soul”, “Heaven I See”, “In Liebe Und Freundschaft”, and “Shine On”. The only good thing with those is that Doro proves that she still actually has a pretty good voice.

This album probably appeals mostly to the older fans that have followed her throughout the years and I hardly doubt she’s the kind of artist that gains new fans from year to year because lets face it, the woman has had the same sound since the mid-80’s.

Overall, WARRIOR SOUL is a well played album with a lot of great musicians and solid songs but despite that, is still a pretty ordinary album that lacks surprises.

She’s currently on tour with Sonata Arctica through Europe.

Also available through Sound Pollution at
Track Listing

Strangers Yesterday
Warrior Soul
Heaven I See
Creep Into My Brain
Above The Ashes
My Majesty
In Liebe Und Freundschaft
Shine On


Doro Pesch – lead vocals
Nick Douglas – bass
Joe Taylor – guitar
Oliver Palotai – keyboards
Johnny Dee – drums

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