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Live From The Sun (DVD)
January 2002
Released: 2000, CMC International
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Here’s another DVD that good old Satan Claws delivered to me this Xmas. I had Dokken’s LIVE FROM THE SUN CD for a while now but the DVD is the one I’ll be listening to and watching rather then the CD. The concert on here was recorded live at the Sun Theatre in Anaheim, California on November 4th, 1999.

The Dokken line-up for this concert is: Don Dokken (vocals), Jeff Pilson (bass), Mick Brown (drums) and Reb Beach (guitars). This was recorded on the ERASE THE SLATE (1999) tour. That album is the best thing that the band has done since their “glory days” in the 80’s. As a result, the song selection on the DVD is killer. There are a few of the better newer songs and then it’s the classics. Highpoints for me were the new track “Erase The Slate”, the classic and perhaps heaviest Dokken song to date – “Tooth And Nail.” Other Dokken favs of mine that were performed include “Kiss of Death”, “Into The Fire” and “In My Dreams” and “It’s Not Love.” The DVD picture and sound is excellent. It’s available in both Dolby Digital stereo and in 5.1 Surround Sound. The concert is mixed in with animation effects which the majority of the time are very cool. They look very cool during the song “Too High To Fly” with the shots of the sky, water, etc in the background of the performance. It’s not overpowering and actually looks very cool!!! The only time on the video where the animations got a bit carried away was during “It’s Not Love” which had too much on the split screens. The other thing I have to point out here is the guitar playing of Reb Beach. I was never a fan of Winger, and from what I’ve heard of his playing in that band it was never as aggressive nor as unrestrained as it was with Dokken. Reb is given every opportunity to shine and his playing here made a fan out of me. He plays the George Lynch solos but not note for note. It’s more his own interpretation on the original solos. I’m not sure if a better replacement for Lynch could have been found. One thing about his playing that I really liked was the tapping. He does not sound like Eddy Van Halen when doing this like so many do. He flies and rips all over the fretboard…you gotta watch him play it on the DVD is all I can say…excellent guitarist. I am sorry to say (if you were unaware) that Reb is no longer in Dokken. He’s since left to do his own thing. His replacement is John Norum who played on Don Dokken’s solo album and you might remember him from the band Europe. It remains to be seen if he can fill either Reb’s or George’s shoes!! As usual with DVD’s there is bonus footage. The best bonus footage here is the interviews with Don, Jeff and Mick. They talk about the older Dokken years and how the band came together. The other bonus footage is two acoustic tracks….ughh. I’m not into acoustic tracks of non-acoustic songs. We get “Will The Sun Rise” and “Walk Away.” I wish they would of put all the old Dokken videos on the DVD!!! I’d love to have that packaged with a concert and more in depth interviews. Perhaps next time they do a DVD it will have that!

I suspect that it will mainly be long time Dokken fans purchasing this DVD. Just seeing the make up of the audience shows that their fans are the ones who have stuck with the band from the 80’s. If you have never heard Dokken in your life the DVD might be a good place to start if you like live music. If it’s an album you want to hear then check out TOOTH AND NAIL!!

Official website:
Track Listing

"Erase the Slate"
"Kiss of Death"
"The Hunter"
"Into the Fire"
"Maddest Hatter"
"Too High to Fly"
"Breaking the Chains"
"Paris Is Burning"*
"Alone Again"
"It's Not Love"
"Tooth and Nail"
"In My Dreams"


Don Dokken: Vocals
Reb Beach: Guitar
Jeff Pilson: Bass
Mick Brown: Drums



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