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When Purity Withers
July 2000
Released: 1999, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

We all know how much metal bands enjoy playing in Greece thanks to the dedication of their metal fans. Now there's band that has emerged from that country who have obviously been influenced by American metal bands like Iced Earth and Nevermore. Disharmony are not just another power metal band because there is something else at play here in the band's sound that makes it a little more on the dark side. My copy of When Purity Withers contains the 5 "new" songs from this demo and as bonus tracks the band have included their debut demo. It's very clear that their newer material is much stronger than their debut. This is a good thing as it hints at even better things to come.

To me, Disharmony's strong point is their vocalist Chris Kounelis. He has the range and expression in his voice to eventually be mentioned in reverence with names like Warrel Dane. On the track "Mentally Dead" the high parts show his influence from Dane. On the chorus there are some parts where the vocals are doubled with a higher voice and a more mid-ranged one - one of the best moments on the CD. The lead guitarists are no slackers either. I really liked the solo section from "Questions" when the song picks up they really shred! The demo's closing moody track, "Outro/Aurora," is another place where the vocalist again gets to shine, even though the song drags on a little too long (10+mins).

The sound quality of this demo is really good for an unsigned band. However it's not quite as it could be with the right producer and equipment. It's surprising that no one has snatched this band up considering they have it together so well. More info on this band including some short sound clips can be found at
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