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Divine Rapture
September 2003
Released: 2003, Listenable Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

New brutal and relatively talented Death Metal bands seem to emerge from different countries almost constantly and one of the most promising sounding must be Divine Rapture (which is also a name of an adult film, by the way...), hailing from Philadelphia, U.S.A.. The band was founded by the brothers J.J. and Mike Hrobovcak in the early/mid ´90s and by saying their history kind of in a tight nutshell, after a few releases and line-up changes, the band landed a record deal with a famous European Death Metal label Listenable Records last year.

THE BURNING PASSION is the first whole fruit out of the contract with Laurent´s label and I´m pretty damn sure both parties can be pleased with the outcome of THE BURNING PASSION. The album contains 11 cuts off which 8 are actual songs, the rest are intros/outros. Musically Divine Rapture sinks somewhere between Hate Eternal, Nile and Morbid Angel -soil, using a big doze of blast beats (that have become sort of a typical trademark thing for bands of the new generation) and basically all those well accepted, sheer brutal and grinding Death Metal ingredients that obviously satisfy the most sworn Death Metal maniacs that want their Death Metal to be served as extreme and heavy as possible. Songs like “Funeral Mist” and “Affliction of Faith” basically don´t offer much else than all those, may I say, ´safe and familiar´ Death Metal elements that we have all heard many times before. But in the very same breath I surely could be said that the guys from Divine Rapture have definitely a true passion and dedication toward this type of an extreme metal and that can be heard from the album as they are very good at what they are doing. The more you listen to album, the more you realize actually that we have 4 rather talented Death Metal musicians in the band that absolutely know that Death Metal is their thing more than anything else in this planet. They play their brutal Death Metal with passion and dedication indeed!! I think nobody can it into question.

Well, actually there´s not much else I can say about the band´s debut. THE BURNING PASSION is a true American Death Metal made by heavy and skilled hands, so if you feel it´s your type of thing, you obviously know already what you should add onto your shopping list next, don´t you?
Track Listing

01. The Kindling
02. Your Time Has Come
03. Severed
04. My Demon, Your Dove
05. The Deifying, the Sorrow, The Awakening
06. Funeral Mist
07. Affliction of Faith
08. Black Moon Harvest
09. Spirit Storm Serenade
10. No Future, No Past
11. The Smothering


Babak Davodian – Guitar
J.J. Hrubuvcak – Guitar & drums
Mike Hrobovcak – Vocals
Ryan Moll – Bass

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