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September 2002
Released: 2002, SPV/Steamhammer
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Two years ago Doro released CALLING THE WILD which was in many ways a return for Doro to both the hard rock / heavy metal realm and to the North American music scene. Now two years later we have the second part of this comeback with the album FIGHT.

Like her previous album, many of the songs on here are “hit or miss” for me. The songs that I like are very good and the songs I don’t like are ones I’ll skip over when listening to the album. FIGHT opens with the aggressive title track “Fight” which is being used by female world boxing champion Regina Hallmich as her signature tune. The vocals on the chorus are particularly aggressive for Doro who sounds much gruffer than usual here. The vocals have a lot of delay on them creating an echo effect. I’m not sure if that was necessary, but it doesn’t distract too much form the song. The other thing I immediately picked up on was the guitar tone that is very gritty and dirty. I do not like this style of muddy guitar sound very much at all. The production and mix of the album is also not quite as polished as I had expected. The vocal echo and muddy guitar sound is found on many of the other songs. The album’s second track, “Always Live To Win”, is another one of the album’s better numbers. The drums on this one are noticeably boring though. Someone with more fills and double kick pedal could make this song so much better. The third track on here is “Descent” which has guitars down-tuned so low it could pass as distorted bass. This is the one that features both Doro and Type O Negative’s Peter Steel on vocals. They sound very good together even though they don’t try to change their individual styles to meld together. The song even has a Type O feel that harkens back to “Black No. 1.” This is also the first song on the CD which features a guitar solo…unfortunately it’s mixed very low and that is a shame since the album is very short on lead guitars. The bio sheet mentions this song features Chris Caffrey from Savatage. I’m assuming he’s playing the leads and not the chugging bass sounding rhythms. I wish they would of let him rip even more and would have cranked him up in the mix a LOT more!! This is not all the guest star involvement on the CD. For example, Gene Simmons of Kiss contributed the ballad “Legends Never Die” (yawnnnnn….) and rock legend Russ Ballard co-wrote “Rock Before You Bleed” (too bad the chorus is so repetitive) with Doro. “Chained” is another of the heavier tracks that has a good chorus but overall is not that inspired. The same goes for “Sister Darkness” and “Wild Heart” which is both a bit pedestrian. The only ballad on the album I like is “Hoffnung” which switches between lightly whispered passages in German to a chorus belted out in English. Many of the other songs on the here drag the album down. Such as the sleepy and overly mellow “Undying” and “Fight By Your Side” Then there is the primarily strum-strum acoustic “Legends Never Die” (written by Gene Simmons).

I’m very glad that Doro is back in the hard rock / metal arena. It’s a bit disappointing that Warlock is not back though. I preferred what she did with Warlock to today’s style. If you took all the good songs from CALLING THE WILD and now from FIGHT you’d have one very killer album. Some people perhaps like the lighter songs on here or the ballads; I am one who does not. So if you are one of those people, then you might consider bumping my rating up a notch!
Track Listing

1. Fight
2. Always Live to Win
3. Descent
4. Salvaje
5. Undying
6. Legends Never Die
7. Rock Before We Bleed
8. Sister Darkness
9. Wild Heart
10. Fight by Your Side
11. Chained
12. Hoffnung
13. Song for Me


Doro Pesch Vocals
Nick Douglas Bass, Keyboards
Johnny Dee Drums
Joe Taylor Guitars
Oliver Palotai Guitars, Keyboards



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