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Divine Rapture
The Burning Passion
October 2003
Released: 2003, Listenable
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

A fairly unconventional yet fantastically cool instrumental opening consisting of a blazing, fury unleashing guitar solo, was a mere hint at what was to come. I say unconventional because my feeling was that most death metal bands do not start a disc with an 80’s style shredding solo preferring often to opt for a horror movie sample, a brief sound-effect or spoken word piece or usually just dive right in. ‘The Kindling’ sets the appropriate tone for a fiery barrage of death metal and the album is book-ended by the cut ‘The Smothering’!

The cover of ‘The Burning Passion’ is plain yet oddly compelling…a computer generated chaotic maelstrom of flames…a true mirror representation of the audio components within! This four piece are uber-technical death metal with a heavy emphasis on speed a musical maelstrom. I was not lucky enough to hear this American bands debut indie EP, but I’m not surprised that Listenable scooped them up.

The thing that really makes Divine Rapture sound out in my mind is not the speed, the brutality, the vocals but the consistently high quality guitars especially the solos. The solo on the cut ‘Severed’ (Pun intended) is an awesome showcase of guitar histrionics, which I love. I’m glad to hear a death metal band that is not afraid to solo and solo well!

It’s cool to hear each song end with a little ambient burst of the sound flames. An instrumental, orchestral track ‘The Deifying, The Sorrow, The Awakening’ shows extra promise and breaks up the pace of the preceding three face-melting tunes.

The songs are catchy and memorable the vocals guttural and raw but not utterly unintelligible. These guys are tight, you have to be in this day and age playing this style of metal. An easy choice for fans of the genre and I’d even recommend this to non-death metal fans to check out, just to demonstrate there are bands who can play quickly, powerfully and with a decent sense of song.
Track Listing

1. The Kindling
2. Your Time Has Come
3. Severed
4. My Demon, Your Dove
5. The Deifying, The sorrow, The Awakening
6. Funeral Mist
7. Affliction of Faith
8. Black moon Harvest
9. Spirit Storm Serenade
10. No Future No Past
The Smothering


Mike Hrubovack-Vocals
J.J. Hrubovack-Guitar
Baback Davodian-Guitar
Ryan Moll-Bass
Justin Dipinto-Drums



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