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Dixie Witch
Smoke and Mirrors
July 2006
Released: 2006, Small Stone Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Back in 2003, Dixie Witch unleashed what was unarguably one of the best stoner rock albums that year. ONE BIRD, TWO STONES was a rockin’ affair that turned up the fuzz and the dickin’ around that goes with it – the album’s only flaw. Innumerable tours have come and gone in ’04 and ’05, and now the band is back (same lineup intact) with their third platter of Southern-fried goodness.

The album kicks off with the appropriately-titled “Set the Speed”; a comfortable, catchy rocker that indeed does set the speed for the rest of the disc. See, SMOKE & MIRRORS is a largely mid-paced album. But don’t be put off speed freaks – there are some mightily energetic songs here (see “Shoot the Moon”). The point is that the band have clearly grown as songwriters since 2003, and have crafted a disc full of songs that move and breathe, in no particular rush to cave heads or be particularly heavy. This is a back porch drinkin’ album with stories to tell. Notably, the band have toned down the jammy, go nowhere riffs of albums past, getting out all of their jam-jones’ in instrumental album finisher “Last Call” and keeping the rest of the songs tight and focused.

The album is also a guitar fan’s dream. Clayton Mills’ licks are right up front in the mix, giving him plenty of room to show his skills, as both a Southern rock riffmaster, and tasteful soloist.

It’s obvious that Dixie Witch have improved quite a bit since their last disc. They’ve enhanced almost every area over their past work, easily making SMOKE & MIRRORS a must-have album this year.
Track Listing

1) Set the Speed
2) Shoot the Moon
3) S.O.L.
4) Out in the Cold
5) Ballinger Cross
6) Getaway
7) Bridges
8) What You Want
9) Thursday
10) Gunfight
11) Last Call


Curt Christenson: Bass, Vocals
Clayton Mills: Guitars
Trinidad Leal: Drums, Vocals

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