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Greatest Hits
July 2010
Released: 2010, Deadline
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Some readers might ask, why is he reviewing a Dokken Greatest Hits album? I might ask myself that too! On the surface it seems pointless with, by my count, at least six other Dokken compilations on the market. However, this one has a couple of points worth noting so on occasion, I’ll do a short review of a collection of band as sort of a public service announcement for fans of the band.

This stands apart for two reasons. One; all the songs are re-recorded. Yes, Dokken has joining the long list and ever-growing number of bands that have decided to re-record some old tunes (See our December 2009 Hell’s Heart for further comment on this topic.) They chose tracks exclusively from the 1980’s, namely the first four studio albums. The modern sound is great, Don’s voice is a little less dynamic but still in great form. If you are a dedicated fan you will have fun noticing the little subtle differences that catch your ear. Jon adds some guitar flourishes to these new originals but still emulates George’s original work especially when he nails the fiery solo in ‘Tooth and Nail’.

The second reason you may consider this release for your collection is that there are four unreleased, new bonus tracks…not demos, not remixes, not live songs, but actual new songs! The North American release adds two new ones both heavier than I expected. The Japanese versions adds an additional two cover tunes. Don shows his age a bit with his choice of covers as both songs came out in 1966! Both were hits back in their time. The two cover tunes were released as a single so if you are a North American reader you can buy them or do what I did, which is buy the actual album from the store (support the band and label!) and then buy the pair of cover tunes off iTunes for under $2.00 and add them onto the album if you wish to digitize it, for personal use only, thank you very much. Either way the band has added value with new material which is better than most other collections of previously released songs.

So if you are like me and want a Dokken compilation (to get some of the best songs from your old cassette tapes) but don’t want to support the crappy label generated compilations that are not endorsed by the band, this is the one to get.
Track Listing

1. Just Got Lucky
2. Breaking The Chains
3. Into The Fire
4. The Hunter
5. In My Dreams
6. It's Not Love
7. Alone Again
8. Dream Warriors
9. Unchain The night
10. Tooth And Nail
11. Almost Over (New song)
12. Magic Man (New song)

Japanese version

13. Bus Stop (Holllies cover)
14. Lies (Knickerbockers cover)


Don Dokken-Vocals
Jon Levin-Guitar
Sean McNabb-Bass
Mick Brown-Drums

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