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Divine Revolution
April 2007
Released: n/a, Uho Productions
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Arto Lehtinen

Dominia, hailing from Finland’s eastern neighbour St. Petesburgh, was another entirely new acquaintance to me. However the Finnish company Uho Production seemed to be more than convinced about the abilities and talents of this five piece when releasing the band’s debut album titled DIVINE REVOLUTION. Obviously due to the best studio technology available here in Finland, the whole album has been processed from the beginning to the end with the same producer, Janne Saksa, who has worked with Turisas.

The nine song output offers a journey into the dismal, but melodic world of the darkest metal. The band has ladled musical influences from the slavian approach by putting in its own elements to create atmospheric dark metal. The dark metal term could give a kind of picture how Dominia’s dismal metal could be described. The melodic parts with the violin play an important role in the sound of Dominia giving more abyss to the darkest metal approach. Anton Rosa’s voice fits the music like a crown to a head giving the needed cold and dark feeling to Dominia’s music.

Actually I was more into the first songs and in the long run the album may sound too dark and a little bit boring. Listening to the dark metal offering by these Russians in smaller parts might be more idealistic as it works better for me to hear it piece by piece from the whole package. This Slavian influenced dark metal is a pretty good slab offering good quality of a mix of this dark and even a little bit blackish metal approach.
Track Listing

01. Prophecy
02. With Pain into Eternity
03. Burial of Reasons
04. Darkness of Bright Life
05. God Is a Brand
06. Beautiful Innocence
07. Save Yourself
08. Punishment
09. Mountains of God's Depression


Anton Rosa - Vocals
Daniel - Guitar
Goodwin - Bass
Papa - Drums
Casper - Lead violin, keyboards
Kat - Violin

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