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Cycle of Zero
May 2005
Released: 2004, Karmageddon
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Here comes yet another band from my neighbor country of Finland, this time the guys call themselves Divercia. According to the bio, the band formed under the name Lost in Twilight and their intention was to play gothic/dark metal in the veins of Nightwish, Sentenced, H.I.M, To/Die/For and the Norwegian Dimmu Borgir. The band changed their name when they signed to their current label, and their first album got really good feedback from the press. Now it’s time for Divercia to release their follow up called CYCLE OF ZERO.

Divercia plays gothic/dark metal but I can’t find any similarities music-wise with the bands they wanted to be in the same genre as. Sure they play sad gothic and you can almost hear that they’re from Finland but in between all this sadness they have added some faster parts that I think could be referred to as being dark metal. Something that I think sounds more like melodic (almost) death metal. In these parts we have some solid keyboard play along with real heavy guitar riffs added with an increasing tempo.

The album was recorded and mixed in Sonic Pump Studio and was mastered by Mika Jussila in the famous Finnvox Studio. The band has produced CYCLE OF ZERO by themselves and I have to say that I think they have done a pretty standard job. Solid layers of keyboard are at the top of the mix together with lead vocals and heavy guitar riffs.

CYCLE OF ZERO is 9 tracks long and the song “Overwhelming” is featured twice, both as a song and as a video for the computer. All of the music and arrangements are written by the band and the lyrics are written by the lead singer Jyri.

To me these Finnish guys are just sad and melancholic and they don’t impress me in any way. To do that they have to have that little extra something that makes the audience look their way in this, at the moment, exploding genre. I don’t think that Divercia have anything special and even though I’ve listened to this album quite a bit, nothing sticks to your brain.

On the positive side, the music is well played, they are competent musicians and even if it’s a standard production it’s a well balanced one. On the negative side we have the non-saying band name, Jyri has nothing in his voice that captures your ears instantly, the material is average to say the least, and who can figure out what the cover means?

I can’t recommend this to anyone. Sorry, but this is just average gothic that comes by the dozen nowadays.
Track Listing

Of steel and man
Iron hearted cross
Cycle of zero
2nd ghost
Start at the end
God for gold

Overwhelming (video track)


Jyri Aarniva – lead vocals
Jarno Hänninen – keyboards
Jarno Laakso – guitar
Sami Inkiläinen – guitar
Jukka Hoffrén – bass
Teemu Laitinen – drums

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