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Aeternus Vale
August 2007
Released: 2006, Firebox Records
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Doom:Vs is the brain child of Swedish multi instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Ericson. Ericson is mostly known for his work with the band Draconian which he formed in 1994. His goal with Doom:Vs was to create something darker and blacker in the veins of Shape Of Despair, Pentagram and Trouble. The bands first demo was released during 2004 and that demo landed the band their label contract with Firebox Records.

If you’re into Draconian then you’ll probably like this as well. AETERNUS VALE is all about slow and dark doom metal and the songs sounds more or less like each other with no faster passages or tempo changes at all which gets frustrating when you have listened to the album for a while. The album contains only 6 songs but the playing time clocks in at 50 minutes. Now you know what I’m talking about when I say that the songs are slow. And to make it even harder to like, the songs are not only slow but Ericson has a bad habit of using both death vocals as well as more ordinary vocals.

I have nothing against well-played doom metal but it has to be great material with a little difference in the songs. As it is now all the songs sound like each other. The only song that contains a little variation is “The Crawling Inserts” where nothing much happens but there is at least a little variation in the tempo and there are in fact nice contrasts of death and ordinary vocals.

The lasting impression of this album is not a happy one. To make a lasting impression I want the band to have more variation and focus on one single vocal style. I have listened and loved a lot of doom metal through the years but this album is being tucked away somewhere deep in the closet.
Track Listing

The Light That Would Fade
Empire Of The Fallen
The Faded Earth
Oblivion Upon us
The Crawling Inserts


John Ericson – lead vocals and all instruments
D. Arvidsson – guest vocals on The Crawling Inserts

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