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Through the Eyes of Heathens
June 2006
Released: 2006, Small Stone Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

There’s no question that Americans have mastered the art of creating heavy, groovy stoner rock. Outside of these North American shores however, it is a different story. Outside of England (also masters at it) not too many bands come to mind that came do this style well. Some notables would include Poland’s Corruption and Sweden’s The Quill, but that’s about it for well-known bands. Well, let’s add one more Swedish band to that list: Dozer. Born in 1996, they have been striding the stages worldwide for a decade! Even though this is my first contact with the band, this album is their fourth full-length. The band has also released a slew of 7’ EPs and singles as well.

I listened to THROUGH THE EYES OF HEATHENS many times without ever reading the bio, and from the sounds of the album’s heavy and melodic stoner drone, I immediately assumed this band was from the States. I was shocked to find they were from the land of melodic death metal. They may be Swedish, but they have easily mastered their chosen style.

Lead by Fredrik Nordin’s clear and melodic vocals, Dozer’s music is insidious. That is, the songs are so catchy and yet so crushing, they’ve got you smiling as they pound your skull into dust. Just as you get yourself singing along with Nordin, a heavy riff or solo comes flying at you and knocks you on our ass! The vicious “From Fire Fell” is a great example of this as it follows the catchy, radio-ready “Born a Legend” (great title!) with an assault of buzzing guitars and howled vocals. Over all though, THROUGH THE EYES OF HEATHENS is an album you can put on, close your eyes, and allow it to take you on its raucous journey.

It’s clear that after 10 years in business, Dozer have reached the top of their craft. It will only take one listen of this album to convince you too. This is one that stoner rock fans cannot afford to miss.
Track Listing

1) Drawing Dead
2) Born a Legend
3) From Fire Fell
4) Until Man Exists No More
5) Days of Future Past
6) Omega Glory
7) Blood Undone
8) The Roof, The River, The Revolver
9) Man on Fire
10) Big Sky Theory


Fredrik Nordin: Vocals, Guitars
Tommi Holappa: Lead Guitars
Johan Rockner: Bass
Daniel Liden: Drums


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