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Dream Evil
February 2003
Released: 2003, Century Media Records
Rating: 4.2/5
Reviewer: EvilG

It was only some 9+ months ago in 2002 that Dream Evil took the traditional / power metal community by storm with their glorious debut DRAGONSLAYER. That album was placed highly on many of our staff’s top picks of 2002 and many selected them as the best new band of 2002. Here we are not even a full year after with their second album EVILIZED. Dream Evil guitarist and renowned producer Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman again produced the album. Some of you might fear that the album may sound rushed since the time between releases is not that great. In my opinion, that is not at all the case. It’s not like this band spends 10 months on the road. They have played live of course, but not as much as some of their peers which is just fine by me since none of them come anywhere near my neck of the woods. Having a new album to crank every year is

EVILIZED safely begins with a typical fast double kicker entitled “Break The Chains” (no it’s nothing like Dokken’s “Breaking The Chains”!) that could have easily been on the band’s previous album. Up second is another fast-paced track, “By My Side” which sounds heavier than most of their other songs. The solo in this one, as in most Dream Evil songs really shred things up! Gus G. is quite a talented young musician in both Dream Evil and his other band Firewind. The tempo is slowed down slightly on “Fight You ‘Till The End” but it’s on the title track “Evilized” that any vestiges of what I’d call power metal are totally absent. This track is much more melodic and slow paced. Vocalist Niklas Isfeldt shines brightly on this one. “Bad Dreams” is a different sort of song for Dream Evil with heavy chording sounding darker than many of their happy bounce along fast paced songs. If you liked the big orchestrated ballad from DRAGONSLAYER then “Forevermore” will blow your mind. I appreciated the orchestration and composition but it doesn’t do as much for me as any one of their heavy songs do. “Children of the Night” sounds like old Scorpions, a band which DE has not denied as one of their main influences. This song sounds like melodic 80’s metal all the way. Even the solo in this one fits the classic feel of the song. EVILIZED closes on the slow song aptly entitled “The End” that fits the criteria for what I’d call a power ballad with clean guitar on the verses and the distorted big sounding chorus.

For those who might of liked the music on DE’s previous album but thought the dragon’s in the storyline along with the “monsters dying by axes” lyrics were too much to swallow will be pleased to know that there are no dragons, elves, knights, or any other D&D styled stuff on here. There is still the occasional battle hymn like “By My Side” – “Hell is unleashed, dead bodies on the ground…” If you miss the intoxicating aroma of cheese then there is one song on here that is 100% up your alley – “Made of Metal.” Some of the lines are Manowar-ish like “Can’t bend what’s made of metal. We’re reinforced with steel” which I cane take with no problem. Then there is a line like “I’m so fucking metal and so is my wife.” Hmmm….I guess it’s supposed to be funny, but if you’re going to do a metal pride song please do it with a bit more serious lyrics! The group chant/back-up vocals in this one are also done in the Manowar style. I like the song, even though I know some won’t be able to get past the lyrics.

EVILIZED is a little more varied than the band’s first album. Some songs come off as heavier. For me this band’s charm is the mixture of classic sounding 80’s heavy metal with hints of power metal on the faster tracks. Dream Evil will be heading out on tour with fellow countrymen HammerFall. They are sure to provide the Templars of Steel with a run for their money and to provide fans with an excellent line-up! Whether or not EVILIZED is a better album that DRAGONSLAYER will be up to you to decide. The albums are not identical but I like them both equally.
Track Listing

01. Break The Chains (3:32)
02. By My Side (3:37)
03. Fight You 'till the End (3:52)
04. Evilized (4:43)
05. Invisible (2:53)
06. Bad Dreams (3:08)
07. Forevermore (5:08)
08. Children of the Night (4:44)
09. Live A Lie (3:26)
10. Fear The Night (3:47)
11. Made of Metal (3:51)
12. The End (4:23)


Fredrik Nordström - Guitars & Keyboards
Gus G. - Guitars
Niklas Isfeldt - Vocals
Peter Stalfors - Bass
Snowy Shaw - Drums

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Dream Evil
June 2004
Released: 2003, Century Media
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Dream Evil’s debut album Dragonslayer dropped like a bomb last year. It became a great success and they also did a lot of touring on Dragonslayer across the world and festival gigs. Both Dragonslayer and the new album Evilized were recorded in Studio Fredman, owned by the band leader Fredrik Nordström, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Niklas has an amazing voice and Gus G is going to be an guitar-hero, I'm sure. Snowy Shaw is incredibly fast and technical on his drums. He is a drum legend.

Dream Evil does brilliant power/heavy metal. They have a bigger variations on the songs on this album compared to the last one. I can’t say so much about the lyrics because I only have a promo-ex. But the lyrics don’t seem to involve so much dragons,demons and kings as in Dragonslayer.

Dream Evil has put 12 tracks on EVILIZED. The album begins with a fast heavy metal track called “BREAK THE CHAINS”. It’s a heavy metal track but it borders to power metal. “BY MY SIDE” is real strong power metal Sweden style. In the title track “EVILIZED” Niklas really shows that he has an amazing voice. “INVISIBLE” is a heavy and hard power metal track. Another real nice power metal track is “BAD DREAMS” there Gus G really shows that he is a genius on guitar. “FOREVERMORE” is a power ballad track that begins with just keyboard and Niklas voice before the rest of the band joins in. They’ve also used strings on this track to add some strength to the song. Gus G starts off the next track “CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT”. “LIVE A LIE” and “FEAR OF THE NIGHT” is a bit more of melodic power metal. “MADE OF METAL” on the other side is a real heavy metal track. It has an impressing guitar solo in the middle. “THE END” finishes of this brilliant album. It’s a power metal ballad and has an intro by just guitar and Niklas.

Dream Evil has done it again. Strong songs, really good musicians and an amazing singer. There's hardly any one who can beat Gus G on guitar. This is real power/heavy metal Sweden style and Dream Evil is one of the best bands in this music genre. This must be one of the best power/heavy metal albums of the year, and it’s only January!! It’s going to be really hard to beat this album, it’s a masterpiece. Dream Evil going to break down all resisters in Europe when the band starts of with support for Hammerfall that begins February.

More info on the band.
Track Listing



Fredrik Nordström–guitars, keyboard
Gus G–guitar
Niklas Isfeldt–vocals
Peter Stålfors bass
Snowy Shaw–drums

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