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Disciples Of Mockery
November 2004
Released: 2004, Necroharmonic
Rating: 4.4/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

A short glance at the history of Disciples of Mockery (DOM) before I dig into the review. DOM consists of three relatively familiar names to anyone who has been following the comings and goings inside the Incantation camp. Ronny Deo (bass), Jim Roe (drums) and Craig Pillard (vocals/guitar) were all involved in recording of Incantation’s debut album, ONWARD TO GOLGOTHA. In 1995 they opened one show for Incantation under the band moniker Disciples Of Mockery. After that particular show, the three dropped the Disciples Of Mockery name and started a sludge/doom project called Womb. That band had NO guitars at all ... only two bass guitars, drums and Craig´s shit-deep low vocal grunts! After managing to record a four song demo and playing a couple of shows with Womb, the band called it quits in 1996. The guys then re-surfaced as Disciples Of Mockery and in 1998 they recorded a three song promo CD. In 1999 they released a nine song debut album called PRELUDE TO APOCALYPSE, which was saw a limited 1000 pressings. After an agreement with Roy from Necroharmonic Productions, PRELUDE TO APOCALYPSE has been re-released along with the bands three song promo.

The music on this album is, in it’s own specially perverted way, really crushingly addictive. The sound ranges from Incantation’s style of a mean and brutal death metal to a murky yet kind of atmospheric doom metal. The album has some cleverly churned out slow passages here and there, making the album truly stand out. There’s one other band that has a tendency to come to mind when listening to DOM and that’s Timeghoul (R.I.P.) from Foristell, Missouri. Anyone remember the extremely progressive, nearly hypnotic doomy death from their two demo releases, TUMULTUOUS TRAVELINGS in 92 and PANORAMIC TWILIGHT in 95? DOM remind me of Timeghoul due to the similar sludge, dead-heavy riffs they use quite a lot. Pillard’s knee-deep throat-grunting also has quite a lot in common with Jeff Hayden´s vocals also. DOM aren’t nearly as progressive or innovative as Timeghoul, but there’s still some connection between these two particular bands.

PREDULE TO APOCALYPSE reeks of some nicely well-crafted doomy death metal that should satisfy even the demanding listener. Songs like “Prelude To Absolution”, “An Endless Pursuit For A Satisfying Pain” and “Dogma” are simply genius. All three shoe the band’s true song writing skills, showing a clever mixture of doom and death metal that create a damn unique sound. PREDULUDE TO APOCALYPSE did surprise me and I hope to track down similar stuff from them in the coming months. A great fuckin’ release that should not be missed by anyone.
Track Listing

01. Literal Upheaval of the Earth
02. Our Father Who Art As Nothing
03. Prelude to Absolution
04. God of Love
05. Behold the Holy Virgin Whore
06. An Endless Pursuit for a Satisfying Pain
07. Sustained in Desolation
08. Dogma
09. Rotting Immaculate Like You
10. Prelude to Absolution
11. An Endless Pursuit for a Satisfying Pain
12. Literal Upheaval of the Earth


Craig Pillard – Vocals & guitar
Mike Boyce – Guitar
Ronny Deo - Bass
Jim Roe – Drums

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by Luxi Lahtinen

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