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October 2007
Released: 2007, Shadow World Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Finland´s Discard were formed in early 2004, and since those days the band has recorded a couple of demos of which especially their 2nd demo, BURY THE SUN, has been gaining rave reviews in the music media all over the world. It´s no wonder that they also landed a record deal with a domestic Finnish label, Shadow World Records, in January 2007.

The first fruit of this deal, comes in a form of Discard´s debut album, titled CARRION - including 11 thrashy, death metal-tinged metalcore songs. Even 4 songs out of the band´s successful 5-song 2nd demo, made their way to CARRION - and the rest is new.

´Lamb-of-God-goes-thrash´ was my first impression about them after I had given the first round for CARRION. There´s a lot of sheer rage and power involved in Discard´s sound, and to their credit it needs to be said that there are not that many bands coming from this genre these days that can combine elements from thrash metal to death metal to metalcore so skillfully as they do, keeping the bar of flaming innovation pretty high all the time. The songs have overall been build around thrashy riffs that keep the band away from your most standard metalcore acts - and that´s why Discard actually appeals to me more than many other representatives of this very genre in question. The album´s opener, "Bleeding Lead", rams a thigh bone ruthlessly down your throat, keeping you in your place right away ´til you are given a next command by any of the album´s other 10 songs (that - however, are not match for a killer opener "Bleeding Lead" in intensity and an unmatched rage, although the riffings in "Demonology" could easily come from Gary Holt´s head).

What actually pushes me a little bit away from the band´s otherwise so well-crafted and thought out wholeness on CARRION, is the mixed vocal delivery that is offered through their songs. I mean, whenever I hear clean vocals used along with other types of vocals (regardless of the fact Tomi Joutsen of Amorphis does a great job as a guest vocalist for all the clean vocal parts) - from deep death grunts to bloodcurling whatever-types of shrieks, automatically my inner demon crawls out and tells me: "No fuckin´ thank you...!". It´s an overused thing to do in a modern (extreme) metal nowadays; almost every metalcore band has this somewhat strange curse to suck in at least some of those clean vocal parts into their music, just to give more credence to how unique or original sounding they may try to be. Gladly, Discard have placed the clean vocals to a side role and not giving them overpowering status in their songs. But other than that, Discard have recorded a relatively impressive debut album that can be eyed under any light, either during day or night - it doesn´t make a difference.
Track Listing

01. Bleeding Lead
02. Pulse
03. Draconian Measures
04. The True Northern Mindset
05. Bury the Sun
06. The Antagonist
07. Fiend
08. Circles of Bonedust
09. Demonology
10. Concubine
11. Will Above Will


Heikki Miettinen - Vocals
Janne Roiha - Guitar
Ohto Jaatinen - Guitar
Mikko Kytösaho - Bass
Toni Ronkainen - Drums

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