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September 2002
Released: 2002, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I am so very, very pleased to hear this CD and am proud to introduce a local band from my hometown of Calgary, Alberta. With so many young bands coming out that are merely clones of Korn, Slipknot and Pantera it is refreshing to see a young band with the balls to stand away from the pack of pretenders and avoid adding to the glut of crap that saturates the local market.

Divinity is a four-piece act that plays some classic thrash with a nice modern edge. Some people have even thrown the words “Old Metallica” around by way of comparison.

The band is professional in everything they do. The CD is total pro-packaging with a plain but striking cover, a giant metallic “D” reminding me slightly of Deicide’s INSINERATEHYMN. The package has lyrics, credits, photos and a quick visit to the web site shows they have merchandise for sale as well. Class act all the way.

One minor point, and this is not a big deal and I would make the same point about any band. Divinity looks like a mallcore band in the photo. Backwards hat, short spiky hair, dyed hair, a goat beard, Nike and the drummer, Brett (not Brent!) sports a Slipknot T-shirt!! They produce kick-ass thrash but looking like a mallcore band, could really take away from their credibility. Unfortunately people do judge other people by what they wear and in this business image can matter. It is not fair but it is the reality. If you (any band!) look like a mallcore band people might dismiss you unfairly, and THAT would be a tragedy. As a young band it is hard enough to get respect without having to struggle against image concerns as well. I’m not suggesting they wear a three-piece suit or wear studs ‘n’ leather like Halford but the Slipknot shirt really made me cringe. Divinity is far superior to Slipknot in everyway, so I can’t understand why they would want to affiliate themselves with a bunch of losers. Like I said at the beginning of this paragraph it is no big deal really. End of rant…

The production is very solid, clean, clear, powerful and polished without sounding over –produced, which is surprising as the band did it themselves. INTENSIFY is a five song EP that is pretty straightforward and pretty…intense! Good lyrics too…angry defiant but not falling into the trap of whining and complaining like so many other young bands.

Sonically the band is pretty crushing and they remind me of a touch of bay-area with a more modern production like Andy Sneap or perhaps Terry Date or Colin Richardson before they wimped out. The songs are mid-tempo to fast but never descend into the blur of blast-beats. The pace is enough to keep it entertaining the whole way through. Good guitar tone decent vocals, raw aggressive…there is not much more I can say except check these guys out at I am looking forward to a full-length and hopefully some smart label will scoop these guys up.
Track Listing

1. World of Pain
2. Blood
3. Sinful Love
4. Define Reality
5. Intuition


Sean-vocals, guitar
James duncan-guitar
Jeff Waite-bass
Brett Duncan-drums

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