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Spreading The Rage
August 2004
Released: 2004, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 4.3/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Germany’s Disbelief has been making headway in the European underground since 1997 when their debut record first appeared. With five full-lengths under their belt, SPREADING THE RAGE sees the band hit North American soil through Nuclear Blast Records and what a find they are. This CD takes doom, goth and death and weaves everything together into a very unique listening experience. The band’s music takes on reflections of Neurosis, Katatonia and even Hypocrisy, but, as cheesy as it sounds, it is also wrought with emotion. Karsten Jager’s vocals run the gamut of black metal shriek to death metal roar to gothic croon. At times you just have to bang your head along with the songs while at other times, you can almost feel the vocals and mood of the music completely wrap around you. The latest CD from Century Media’s Eyes of Fire is a less heavy version of SPREADING THE RAGE, but just as powerful.

The instrumental opener, “The Beginning of Doubt,” is a slow, building track that grabs the listener right away with its chunky bass line and meaty riff. “Ethic Instinct” gets the ball rolling with a furious double bass opening and mournful growls of Jager. Slower tempoed songs like “To The Sky,” “No More Lies” and “Drown” are no less heavy than the others. In place of the punishing drums and swirling guitar riffs, the composition of the tracks and Jager’s vocals keep the energy levels in the red. “No More Lies” has a definite Neurosis/Katatonia feel to it with its haunting riff (similar to the opening of Killing Joke’s “The Wait”) and doom-y vocals. The doom and gloom continues with “Inside My Head” and “It’s God Given” whose vocals are very similar to newer My Dying Bride. Jager’s screams at the end of “Drown” are most impressive, while his performance on the brilliant cover of Killing Joke’s “Democracy” is almost worth the price of the CD itself.

What makes Disbelief so unique is that they are playing music that is actually different from the bulk of what is out right now. Sure there are nods to other bands but rather than being another melodic or brutal death band, SPREADING THE RAGE digs a little deeper and adds new depth to extreme metal. I’m sure this band has a loyal following on the other side of the Atlantic already, but Disbelief is sure to earn themselves many new fans on this side as well.

KILLER KUTS: “Ethic Instinct,” “To The Sky,” “No More Lies,” “Spreading The Rage,” “Drown,” “Democracy”
Track Listing

1. The Beginning of Doubt (Intro)
2. Ethic Instinct
3. To The Sky
4. No More Lies
5. Spreading the Rage
6. Inside My Head
7. Death Will Score
8. For Those Who Dare
9. Addiction
10. It's God Given
11. Drown
12. Democracy (Killing Joke cover)
13. Back to Life


Karsten Jager—Vocals
Olly Lenz—Guitar
Jan-Dirk Loffler—Guitar
Jochen Trunk—Bass
Kai Bergerin—Drums

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