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Inhuman Rampage
January 2006
Released: 2006, Sanctuary Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

By now, everyone knows Dragonforce. Through two albums, 2003’s VALLEY OF THE DAMNED, and 2004’s SONIC FIRESTORM, the band has firmly established a legacy of over the top, high speed power metal, taken to almost ridiculous extremes. If you’ve heard Dragonforce, you either believe they are one of the greatest power metal bands ever, or the biggest joke in metal.

As you may expect, INHUMAN RAMPAGE, the band’s third light-speed assault, will do nothing to change your mind one way or the other. All of the band’s trademarks are still there, from ZP Theart’s ultra-melodic vocals, to the Malmsteen-on-‘roids guitar histrionics of Herman Li and Sam Totman, continuing into the fantasy-flight keyboards of Vadim Pruzhanov, and finally ending with the “are they a drum machine or not?” thunderings of David Macintosh, the Dragonforce sound we’ve come to recognize has not changed in the slightest. “What about the bass?”, you may ask. Well, on the bio materials no bass player is credited, so presumably former four-stringer Adrian Lambert is history.

Face it, you heard advance single “Through Fire and Flames” and knew immediately if you were going to buy this album or not. For me, the decision was easy – I have always loved Dragonforce and always will. Through the hyper-active melodies of “Storming the Burning Fields”, to the silly-high vocals on the chorus of “Body Breakdown”, finally ending with the lovably cheesy ballad “Trail of Broken Hearts”, INHUMAN RAMPAGE is another perfect notch on Dragonforce’s belt. Sure, there are a ton of good bands out there, worthily pushing the boundaries of the power metal with new influences – Dragonforce kills them all. I guarantee you will not hear a better power metal album in 2006.
Track Listing

1) Through Fire and Flames
2) Revolution Deathsquad
3) Storming the Burning Fields
4) Operation Ground and Pound
5) Body Breakdown
6) Cry For Eternity
7) The Flame of Youth
8) Trail of Broken Hearts


ZP Theart: Vocals
Herman Li: Guitars, backing vocals
Sam Totman: Guitars, backing vocals
Vadim Pruzhanov: Keyboards, backing vocals
David Macintosh: Drums, backing vocals

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Inhuman Rampage
May 2006
Released: 2006, Sanctuary Records/Sound Pollution
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Dragonforce is a British act and INHUMAN RAMPAGE is their third album. If you’re into the whole power metal genre you should be familiar with these guys but if you’re not I can say that Dragonforce plays some really intense power metal and can only be classified as a high speed power metal band. All of the power metal ingredients are included as paddling drumplay and twin-guitar play and somehow they have managed to incorporate keyboards without even remotely slowing down the music.

The main part of this album was recorded in Thin Ice Studios in Surrey and in the guitarist Herman Li’s own studio in West London but some of the guitar sections were recorded in hotel rooms while the band warmed up for gigs when they were doing the tour for their SONIC FIRESTORM album. The members have self produced the CD and because of that the production sounds totally brilliant and they have managed to take out the essence of the music in a perfect way. It seems like Dragonforce lacks a bassplayer but have hired on Adrian Lambert for that task.

Even if there’s only 8 tracks on the album it clocks in at one hour so you get a lot of music for your money. The more you listen to INHUMAN RAMPAGE the more you want to hear and at the end of the album you long for more. The band has only one problem. The songs are great but I can’t remember one single chorus when I push the stop button and the songs also have a tendency to sound alike. 7 of the songs are high energy power metal and the final one is a ballad called “Trail Of Broken Hearts”. The ballad is a welcome pause from all the other songs it’s only unfortunate that it ends the album and should have been placed in the middle instead.

With INHUMAN RAMPAGE Dragonforce has taken the power metal genre a step further and even reinvented it a bit. I’d guess that this band is going to make it big in the future. I saw the band when they were in Sweden a few weeks ago and the material worked even better live.

Killer tracks “Revolution Deathsquad”, “Storming The Burning Fields”, “Body Breakdown”, “Trail Of Broken Hearts”.
Track Listing

Through The Fire And Flames
Revolution Deathsquad
Storming The Burning Fields
Operation Ground And Pound
Body Breakdown
Cry For Eternity
The Flame Of Youth
Trail Of Broken Hearts


ZP Theart – lead vocals
Herman Li – guitar, b-vox
Sam Totman – guitar, b-vox
Vadim Pruzhanov – keyboards, b-vox
David MacIntosh – drums , b-vox

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