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The Singularity
March 2010
Released: 2009, Candlelight
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Back in 2002 I reviewed the first Divinity release, here on this very site. In hindsight, despite a good review I was a probably a bit hard on them. However, I predicted big things and hoped that a big label would pick them up. Well, in 2008 it happened when Divinity signed with Nuclear Blast. They are that good! Their excellent full-length debut ALLEGORY was reviewed by my colleague, Waspman, in early 2009. Much has transpired since then, lots of shows, a tough tour, label headaches, and eventually a change in the master plan has resulted in a newly re-invigorated band and a kick ass new record.

The band has not suffered at all by taking command of their own career. The packaging, presentation and the production are all world class. Lyrically intelligent and progressive, the band has developed a thematic album with a common thread, namely man’s ongoing relationship with technology. The production is incredible for a do-it-yourself job. The band in an effort to help other bands benefit from the wisdom of their experience developed the web-site to chronicle the recording process of a band with a budget, which these days is almost every Metal band on the planet. It includes, tips, tricks advice, gear talk and more. Check it out.

Back to the actual music album THE SINGULARITY, the band continues onwards and upwards on the trajectory of playing faster, heavier and more progressive music. Firmly in the Death and Thrash camp there are certainly elements of prog as well, but not necessarily in the Dream Theater style, but more in compositions and arrangements. This is heavy as hell and pretty relentless. There are tons of great solos and every musician shines, it can get pretty overwhelming, which is the hallmark of an intense metal album.

Divinity is easily among Canada’s elite bands (along with Into Eternity for example) that have that the new ‘Western Canadian’ sound that morphs Death, Thrash, Prog and crazy chops into one sweet package.
Track Listing

1. Abiogenesis
2. Beg To Consume
3. Lay In The Bed You've Made
4. Emergent
5. Transformation
6. Monsters Are Real
7. Embrace The Uncertain
8. Formless Dimension
9. Approaching The Singularity


Sean Jenkins - Vocals
James Duncan - Guitar
Sascha Laskow - Guitar
Nick Foster - Bass
Brett Duncan - Drums

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