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Distant Past
Rise of The Fallen
June 2016
Released: 2016, Pure Steel Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Despite already having five albums out, this is the first time we have reviewed an album by Distant Past. It is the first time for us but it is safe to assume many of the readers already know abut this excellent band…but just in case they are new to you, I’ll give a bit of background.

This Swiss Progressive/Traditional Metal act was formed about 15 years ago and has put out four albums previous to this. The newest album, RISE OF THE FALLEN, was released by Pure Steel in April and sees yet another line-up change…these guys have had more drummers than Spinal Tap! Joking aside the line-up seems fairly stable and the new album is the second in a row to feature ex-Emerald vocalist Jvo Julmy. I remembering commenting on the power of his voice, on this site in an Emerald review back in 2001 and I’m glad to see he is continuing on. In addition a fellow member of emerald, Adriano Troiano joins him in Distant Past suggesting perhaps that the Swiss Power/Prog scene is quite small.

RISE OF THE FALLEN is a compact album, 10 songs all in the 3-5 minute range, and the song-writing is not as complicated as I would have liked. The album starts with a nice little acoustic guitar section and then leads us into traditional Metal territory. The pacing and tempo of the album is decent not too fast. The individual performances are solid as well, I liked the guitar solo in ‘Heroes Die’ quite a bit, including the one at the long ride out at the end. One of the big strengths is Jumly’s vocals. He may not hit as many screams as in the past with Emerald but he can still hit some killer notes like in the song ‘The Road To Golgatha’, which incidentally, is my favourite song. It is the most interesting with a bit of a spoken word section as well. ‘The Ascension’ is the closet thing they do that comes to a slow song and it is atmospheric and catchy.

Distant Past have put an solid album but not earth-shattering. I’d like to hear them either increase, the power, speed and intensity or add more progressive flair and/or ambitious song-writing. The album looks good, with a great album cover, they have a cool name, they production is excellent…on paper this looks really good. There is nothing wrong at all with RISE OF THE FALLEN but it is a crowded market and despite a good long career the band might have to crank it up a bit more to achieve more wide-spread recognition. It is certainly with investigating if you like to get deeper into the underground like I do!
Track Listing

1. Masters of Duality
2. Die as One
3. End of the World
4. Ark of the Saviour
5. Scriptural Truth
6. Redemption
7. The Road to Golgotha
8. Heroes Die
9. The Ascension
10. By the Light of the Morning Star


Jvo Julmy Vocals
Alain Curty Guitar
Christoph Schafer Guitar
Adriano Troiano Bass
Geri Baeriswyl Drums



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