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Disörder (versus Mike Browning)
Demo II 2005 (Special Edition Remix)
December 2007
Released: 2005, Self-released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Mike Browning (ex-Morbid Angel, ex-Incubus, ex-Nocturnus, etc.) meets a fellow musician and soulmate Adam W. Eishaupt in 2000 while promoting his own band After Death through the Internet. The project named Kandor that the guys had back then, unfortunately never was completed. Some years pass by, and in May 2005 Adam contacts Mike again, wishing he could redo the vocals on the new Disörder demo (´the M.A.R.C. mix´). Mike agrees - and does the vocals (+ an intro) at his own home studio (´the Tampa FL mix´). All this, as a short introduction for all of you who wanted to get your background info package about Mike´s involvement with German´s occult death/thrash metallers Disörder.

This remixed demo (or CD-EP) contains both of those mixes (the one recorded in Germany - and the other recorded in Florida, USA), and I gotta say Mike´s version sounds a tad heavier and yet crispier than the original version of these German thrashers. But that´s it as far as comparing these two mixes to each others goes. Musically there´s a fine Slayer-vibe dominating slightly Disörder´s sound; especially in the first song, "... But What If Not?". The next song, "Beyond the Veil", is a more of a death metal type of song, containing some really nicely heavy and ripping guitar riffs in it - and when they are added with Mike´s distinctive vocal style, we have a pretty killer song in our hands here all in all.

"Purgatory of the Lost" is also kinda death-ish type of a track - heavy as hell, and even having some sort of Nocturnus-feel to it, which has naturally a bit to do with Mike´s vocals again. Otherwise, in my opinion "Purgatory..." wins the title as a ´true ear-catcher´ of the whole demo for simply standing out a bit better than the rest of the demo songs. In "Just a Shadow" Disörder push the pedal with heavier feet, resulting in the heaviest and most melodic sounding track on this release. The riffs are pretty catchy, and the song stands out on its own merits easily for just being well delivered enough as wholeness to catch a listener´s attention.

What is the last song on the demo, called "Disörder", all about then? At first it sounds like it´s a Motörhead cover song - and without Mike´s vocalism, it would easily lead one to believe that it actually could be the old and loud British kings of raw rock´n roll behind this song. Harsh and straight metallic rock´n roll - that´s what this very song in question is all about. You do love Motörhead, don´t you?

Since Disörder´s demo with Mike on the vocals, left a very positive impression on me, I really am curious to know how the band´s new release, titled WOLVENSTEIN (on Soundspheric Records in 2007), may sound like without Mike´s vocal contribution to it. That of course remains to be heard...
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. ... But What if not?
03. Beyond the Veil
04. Purgatory of the Lost
05. Just a Shadow
06. Disörder


Mike Browning - Vocals
Adam W. Eishaupt - Guitar
Yog-Sothoth - Guitar
Abaris - Drums

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