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Satanic Force
June 2009
Released: 2008, AreaDeath Productions
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The thrash revival continues... Like something could stop it now when the thrash boom has got strong winds blowing powerfully below it to carry it miles and years around the world - and presumably many more years to come, as it´s a common belief.

Dismantle is a young trio coming from Rosemead, California, and these fellows´ debut album, SATANIC FORCE, was released on a raising underground Chinese label AreaDeath Productions last year already. Dismantle do not offer any surprising moments on SATANIC FORCE with those 10 songs they have recorded for it, but only throw us an overload of speed/thrash metal frenzy that actually sounds pretty fun and entertaining to listen to. Dismantle are loyal to the past times of speed and thrash metal, drawing their main influences from early Whiplash (just listen to those Goddamn guitars in "Crypt Sacrifice"), SHOW NO MERCY era Slayer, early Dark Angel, early Kreator and even occasionally early Death (that riff in "Exorcistic Rites", starting from the 2:41 mark, sounds really familiar, I must say) - and the result sounds good and all that, but not any surprising or revolutionary by any means. However, as long as you are able to put energy and sheer enthusiasm into your playing and are even able to deliver it out through your songs in an ear-catching way, then you know you are on the right path.

And Dismantle are. They are able to keep things in the basics, seeming to have fun every time they gather to play their kind of fast-paced speed/thrash metal - and they just play their stuff straight from their hearts with such a dedication and emotion that surely does not leave any of us cold. At least Relentless Warrior´s high-pitched screams should be able to melt the ice around even the most skeptical of us, reminding me greatly of Tom Araya when he was in his twenties, full of unchannelled energy and young passion. Otherwise, it´s even frustrating to try to find something worth criticising from this album because it pleases these relatively old ears well enough. Dismantle play simple, honest and energetic combination of both old school speed and thrash metal, and they do their thing really well. I´m happy and satisfied, definitely! Now give Dismantle a chance to enter and blow your fuckin´ speakers to little pieces! ;o)
Track Listing

01. Vile Spell
02. Exorcistic Rites
03. 7th Storm
04. Satanic Metal
05. Demonic Funeral
06. Crucify
07. Tales of the Wicked
08. Crypt Sacrifice
09. Ritual of the Dead
10. Dismantle(Satanic Force)


Relentless Warrior - Vocals and bass
Morbid Reaper - Guitar
Unholy Molester - Drums

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