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December 2007
Released: 2007, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

My request has been answered. I just somehow knew it was coming to me in my mail some day... and it happened today. The German occult death/thrash (with a slight black metal touch) have finally got their debut album out, titled WOLVENSTEIN. The band had to release the album themselves because the boss of the French label Soundspheric Records died tragically in a car accident at the end of October 2006 (all the peace to his soul).

WOLVENSTEIN is a concept album, telling a story about someone who seeks the Illuminati, finds them and finally becomes one of them. The music that is based around this story comes across as impending doom; i.e. dark, heavy and in a way oppressive. Musically Disörder have definitely moved toward darker and more atmospheric territories (thanks mainly to including the keyboards for this release) compared to all that they did on their ´demo-CD´ a couple years ago. In fact, I have to admit the keyboards have brought a much needed extra spice into their music, if merely as a creator of dark and deeper atmospheres, rather than as an equal instrument compared to the other instruments within their music.

The band has cleverly used the keyboards in the right way in their songs, just giving more depth to the song by adding bits of the keys´ sound here and there. Listen to f.ex. a song called "Crypt of the Illuminati", in which the keyboards imitate some sort a choir, and ensuring a real eerie feel to the song. The same thing happens in the title track of the album, "Wolvenstein", in which the keyboards´ meaning is emphasized even more as a remarkable element for more in-depth atmospheres. Disörder´s musical orientation seems to be focused on black-ish death/thrash on WOLVENSTEIN quite a bit - and if you listen to f.ex. a song titled "Instant Daemon", it has this fair tendency to bring early Moonspell to your mind, and even Nocturnus. Therefore the keyboards´ presence cannot be ignored as a remarkable element of Disörder´s sound these days. Not on this album anyway. "Lunatic Rites" is also one of those tracks on WOLVENSTEIN that hits a listener harder than a murky horde of ritualistic cannibals. Great, darkened old school death metal in its finest form, just gotta love it!

Also, I think Adam should honestly be credited for conjuring up two great ways to spit his black vomits out from his lungs: He can do both snarling black metal type of shrieks as well as deep death grunts properly, without stressing either of these two vocal styles, but just simply sounding very convincing with both of the styles. Odd or not, he can remind one of Taneli Jarva´s similar sinister vocalism and what he did on Sentenced´s classic NORTH FROM HERE album. You know, those half-black metal and half-death metal style of vocals that he could do best.

The production on the album is throughly good, too. It's the kind of production this kind of album needs, i.e. heavy and crispy enough (the sound of ´old school´ might be the right word, I guess).

I could see WOLVENSTEIN easily appealing to basically all fans of extreme metal from early Moonspell to Nocturnus to early Samael and the likes. This is seriously a damn ear-nailing extreme metal record, for all extreme metal fans out there who have good taste in the extreme style of metal in general. Now go and light your torch for Disörder.
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. To Hell
03. Instant Daemon
04. Lunatic Rites
05. M.A.R.S.
06. Casting the Runes
07. Key to the Kingdom of the Dead
08. Crypt of the Illuminati
09. Wolvenstein
10. Outro


Adam W. Gishaupt - Voice & guitar
Yog Sothoth - Guitar
Abaris - Drums

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