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Beyond the Wall of Sleep
April 2009
Released: 2009, Self-released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Our beloved German wolves are among us (sheep) again… The hellish death/thrash troops Disörder have paid a visit to a recording studio and are now offering us 3 brand-new tunes on their latest demo that they have baptized with the unholy name BEYOND THE WALLS OF SLEEP.

Since the band´s impressive debut album WOLVENSTEIN that they put out a couple of years ago, they have also added a bassist to their line-up, known by his artistic name called Shub-Niggurath, and probably just to expand their evil and malicious firing power a bit more across the new territories, I suppose.

The 3 new demo tracks that they have recorded for their (promotional) release, Disörder keeps their flags flying somewhat successfully for some evil and twisted death/thrash metal, that has also absorbed some hints from black metal´s always so fascinating and mysterious world as well.

The demo opens up with an eerie and very pompous sounding instrumental intro ´til it bursts into a vicious shredding feast (“The Dream Machine”) in which Disörder´s never-ending appetite for death, thrash and black metal is shown in a pleasing way, mixing all these aforementioned extreme metal genres together just like true champions can do it. The song itself is kinda straightforward sounding, and I really happen to like the tone of the guitars that is raw and fitting enough to support Disörder´s unscrupulous intentions for a world domination.

Next song, “Into Darkness”, has also a charming beast raging through the whole song. The keyboards' presence brings in lots of mysterious atmosphere into the song, and they are used wisely merely as a background element for a thicker sound. The same words could be used for "Ritual from Beyond the Stars", which is also a successfully built-up song, possessing lots of gushing power and atmosphere behind it - and in which the keyboards' presence is not allowed to steal the main role in this overall powerful script. Good song all in all.

What Disörder would need next, is to find a suitable record label to take care of them so that they would get all the support and attention they would deserve. So, anyone out there willing to take this extreme German underground metal gang of fine noise under caring wings?
Track Listing

01. The Dream Machine
02. Into Darkness
03. Ritual from Beyond the Stars


Adam W.Eishaupt - Vocals and guitar
Yog-Sothoth - Guitar
Shub-Niggurath - Bass
Abaris - Drums

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