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Disarmonia Mundi
Fragments of D-Generation
August 2004
Released: 2004, Scarlet Records
Rating: 4.2/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

It was a big surprise when I looked into this band and found that Bjorn “Speed” Strid from Soilwork was doing the vocals. I am a big fan of his main band, so a side project certainly piqued my interest, as well. Disarmonia Mundi is a group of Italian death/thrashers who utilized Strid’s death roar on their latest CD, FRAGMENTS OF D-GENERATION. This is their second album and is a non-stop assault from the very beginning. One man band, Ettore Rigotti, handles the guitars, keyboards, drums and clean vocals with help on bass from Mirco Andreis and Strid’s vocals. The record was self-produced at Rigotte’s home studio and does not show the low budget whatsoever. The vocals are well mixed and the guitars are balanced nicely with the rhythm tracks. Strid’s vocals echo those found on A PREDATOR’S PORTRAIT and while the music is full of hooks and melodies, it is definitely heavier than the latest output from Soilwork. In fact, it sounds very much like the Soilwork of old! There are keyboard passages and even a drum machine used at times, but this is heavy melodic death music sure to get heads banging.

“Common State of Inner Violence” opens with a keyboard intro before the thrashing guitars and punchy double bass drums kick in. The chorus of this track is catchy as hell but at no time is the track reduced to commercial pap. The beginning of “Red Clouds” utilizes a drum machine but quickly turns to the real thing and a slower tempo. The vocal trade-offs between Strid and Rigotti in “Quicksand Symmetry” are something else. Interwoven with some sweet guitar melodies, the two singers complement each other perfectly. The thrashy intro to “Swallow The Flames” absolutely slays and the scream of “DOWWWWWWWWN!!!” at 1:24 is godly. “A Mirror Behind” continues the string of memorable songs with a groovy rhythm and an excellent clean vocal in the chorus.

Nearly every song on FRAGMENTS OF D-GENERATION contains an unforgettable riff and the guitars really are one of the album’s strengths. Of course the drawing power will come from the buzz of Strid behind the mike but this band will keep your interest on its own merits. This CD has been on steady rotation in my CD player this month and any fan of melodic death owes it to himself to get this CD as it is one of the better releases of its type this year.

KILLER KUTS: “Common State of Inner Violence,” “Red Clouds,” “Quicksand Symmetry,” “Swallow The Flames,” “A Mirror Behind”
Track Listing

1. Common State of Inner Violence
2. Morgue of Centuries
3. Red Clouds
4. Quicksand Symmetry
5. Swallow The Flames
6. Oceangrave
7. A Mirror Behind
8. Come Forth My Dreadful One
9. Shattered Lives and Broken Dreams
10. Colors of A New Era


Bjorn “Speed” Strid—Vocals
Ettore Rigotti—Clean Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards/Drums
Mirco Andreis—Bass
Claudio Ravinale—Lyrics/Backing Vocals

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