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Disarm Goliath
Wisdom and War
July 2016
Released: July,
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Disarm Goliath are stalwarts of the West Midlands metal scene who have been in action for two decades, but watching their live shows they sound hungrier and passionate than most new and younger bands. It's been a few years but now is the time for these metal titans to unleash more true metal on the world.

Wisdom and War contains nine well constructed, intricate metal tunes with that perfect blend of heaviness and melody that attracted me to metal all those years ago. Judas Priest and Iron Maiden comparisons are inevitable but after a few spins I can hear many more influences, the album is a lot more varied and there is a lot more discover.

First track Wrath of the Gods moves on a speed up "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" style riff before kicking into a fist in the air chorus built for audience participation. Look me in the Eye has another killer chorus and vocal line of the verse is of a similar style to Eldorado (by Iron Maiden).

Oceans of Space starts with beautiful guitar and builds into an epic song about being in space, the loneliness and vastness, and the guitars play a melodic restrained and all too short solo before the songs moves up a gear for the finale with double bass coming in. Nothing is played longer than needed leading to the song ending all too quickly. I think with song writing you should never over do a good idea. This is why the song works so well.

I notice that the vocalist is not singing in as high a register as normal. More like Rob Halford did on Killing Machine after Stained Class. Then I heard Old as Sin which started with a short Rob Halford-esque intro. I also notice that the twin guitar solos are entwined in the music, especially on this track. By that I mean it is not as simple as verse, chorus, verse, chorus now it's time for a solo.

The next two tracks are more traditional Disarm Goliath style with Redemption in Blood being a compilation of lots of their song writing and playing tricks in one tidy bundle. This is probably the best song on the album and would be ideal single release if metal bands still released hit singles.

The penultimate song, Two Worlds is a long slow doomy epic that leads into Soul Destroyer which would be a perfect set closer as well as an album closer.

From the amazing art work, clear production with every instrument heard clearly, to the varied song writing while still contain hooks a plenty. To the fluid guitar solo that come in and out at the right time. Everything is balanced so well. Another Midlands band that could compete easily with the European bands.
Track Listing

1) Wrath of the Gods
2) Look me in the Eye
3) A Good Day
4) Oceans of Space
5) Old as Sin
6) Descent to Madness
7) Two Worlds
8) Soul Destroyer


Members: Steve Bell - Lead Vocals Steve Surch - Bass Guitar, Vocals Karl Wade - Drums, Vocals Steve Beville - Guitar, Vocals Anthony Ellis - Guitars

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