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Dirty Deeds
Real World
April 2000
Released: 1999, Beast/Never Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Gueneviere

I can't imagine any genuine metalhead not grabbing hold of this CD and clutching it to their chest with the passion of a postpartum female gorilla. Real World is authentic, authoritative, well-executed, new English heavy metal and, as such, it might as well be Manna from heaven! Released in '99 in the UK and Europe, where Dirty Deeds have toured for the past four years (and where they will also be touring as support on the forthcoming Maiden tour), Real World is the sophomore effort of the London-based group who were also the first act signed on Steve Harris' (Iron Maiden) new label, Beast Records. (The first CD, Danger of Infection, has also just been released in the US as well.)

Of course, the association with Harris can be a double edged sword for the band, since at least one of the earlier reviews, written by someone who obviously didn't take a close enough look, described the band as "Iron Maiden clones." (I find this funny, in an ironic kind of way, because I remember how Maiden used to be described as Priest and/or Black Sabbath clones when they first came out as well.) And, though Harris' backing has no doubt been a major plus for this band, rest assured that this material stands solidly on its own. It's only unfortunate that there is not a current US tour to support these CDs, since you just know that Dirty Deeds, like any true metal band worth its weight in salt, is a band whose focus on the live show, where the songs, talent, and the power and intensity shine brightest.

Don't get me wrong, this band does show strong influences of several of the NWOBHM bands, as well as others like Thin Lizzy, Vandenberg, and, yes, AC/DC, but this is, most definitely, a new, exciting, and refreshing recipe. . . And the more times you taste it, the more it becomes your favorite dish! Dirty Deeds are out to slam your back to the wall with ball-busting rhythms, concise and classic guitar riffs, infectious choruses, and the growling and testosterone-laced vocals. Despite all these common elements, and a penchant for inserting short slower tempo bridges midway, you won't find any songs on the CD sounding alike. Tunes I particularly found infectious, however, are "Kill The Pain," " "Hell On Earth," "Long Way Down," and "Judgement Day."

Exemplifying the adage, "something old, something new," with these CDs Dirty Deeds show how the melodic and songwriting craftsmanship of the big heavy rock bands of the '80's can be successfully married to the raw, primal, hyperactive rage of the current alternative/power/industrial metal bands that have more recently dominated the genre. However, the musicianship exhibited on this record by vocalist/rhythm guitarist Pete Franklin, lead guitarist Barry Fitzgibbon, bassist Tony Newton, and drummer Dave Cavill, is definitely "old school" top caliber-thank God!

Production-wise, Maiden soundmeister Doug Hall, in his debut effort, went for a live, fist-in-your-face sound--or maybe it was just vocalist Franklin's contempt fermenting a little longer!? Either way, it is clear that the songs on both CDs are written and performed with the heart on the sleeve and an eye to the stage, where this band of hyperkinetic cut-ups surely know how to unbottle the primordial elixir that we merely get a taste of with these recordings. The only question I have about Dirty Deeds is: When is that US tour gonna happen, guys? I'm there, as all my Metal Rules!! compatriots should be as well! For more info on the band drop by
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