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August 2008
Released: 2006, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

From Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico, comes a heavy and really surprisingly good sounding thrash band called Diosdeira. The band was formed in late 2004, so these Mexican thrashers are in the beginning of their hopefully very successful career.

´Very successful´, it was actually kinda easy for me pick up those two particular words because the band´s debut album, REINCARNATORIUM, is a piece of well executed, old school thrash metal - played with pretty heavy yet skilled hands. Musically I would refer Diosdeira to Sepultura - and Sepultura´s ARISE era mostly - with added hints from Slayer´s, Celtic Frost´s and Death´s notebooks as well. It´s a great mix of thrash - and death metal really - and it makes me wonder why they had to release this album on their own because everything about this release (starting from the layout of the CD) reeks of quality, with big, bolded capital letters in it.

Right after a somewhat spooky sounding intro, a listener is thrown deep down into the dark realm of Diosdeira´s magnificently rewarding thrash by "Gorgon´s Sham", followed soon by two other raging thrash numbers "God of Discord" and "Doomed by Hate". This is the kind of thrash each of us old schoolers crave surely for more, no doubt. However, to me, it´s the album´s 5th song, titled "Deity of Perversion", which gets full points for reaching such a complex and tricky level structure-wise that should obviously demonstrate the true talent these Mexican musicians possess.

"World Demise", on the other hand is, probably the slowest and heaviest number on REINCARNATORIUM while "War of the Apostles" brings the band back to the aggressive mood again, again reminding me greatly of the times Sepultura´s ARISE era. The band´s vocalist Luis also tends to sound quite much like Max Cavalera when he still was in Sepultura, but also there´s lots of Tom Warrior´s vocal tone in his voice as well. I think that´s probably partly a reason for that why Diosdeira chose to make a cover version from Frost´s "Necromantical Screams" for this release. Luis´ vocal parts fits really well into that Frost song in question, and otherwise the band manages deceptively to sound like those legendary Swiss masters of avantgarde-ish black/death metallers in that song.

The production is crisp and heavy which is important for this type of release, especially when the band relies on things more heavy on their excellent debut album. There´s no need to go any further explaining how damn good this album actually is. Just do yourself a favor and prepare for making a purchase of the album straight from the band if your local record store doesn´t carry it for some reason or the other...
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. Gorgon´s Sham
03. God of Discord
04. Doomed by Hate
05. Deity of Perversion
06. World Demise
07. War of the Apostles
08. Redemption Crimes
09. Necromantical Screams (Celtic Frost cover)
10. Thy Kingdom
11. Reborn within Mortal Shell


Luis Gerardo Lara - Vocals & guitar
Ernesto Chavez - Guitar
Jose Villalba - Bass
Carlos Flores - Drums

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