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Dimension Zero
This Is Hell
October 2003
Released: Octo, Regain Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

The band was formed in '95 by Jesper/Glenn together with Hans/Jocke. Their first release came the same year it was the MCD “PENETRATIONS FROM THE LOST WORLD” (that now has been re-released with some bonus tracks and live tracks). After that it didn’t happened so much for the guys until -01 when they gathered to record the debut album “SILENT NIGHT FEVER” which is a masterpiece in my opinion. 4 got 5 when Daniel joined the band just before their first live shows in Japan. 3 gigs followed in Asia and 1 gig in their hometown Gothenburg, Sweden, and then no more shows were played. Instead they started to work on the follow up; this is the first album with Daniel in the band.

Glenn (ex-In Flames), Jesper (In Flames) wanted to create something harder and more brutal than In Flames music and that’s why they started Dimension Zero together with Jocke (ex-Marduk) and Hans (ex-Luciferion, Crystal Age and Diabolique). Their debut was filled with fast, hard and brutal thrash/death metal and no guitar solos at all. It worked incredibly well without guitar solos. Now it’s time for the follow up and I can’t understand how they had the time to write and record the new album when Jesper and In Flames have done a hell of a lot of touring.

“THIS IS HELL” is recorded in Phlat Planet Studio (which is owned by the In Flames singer Anders Fridén) at the beginning of '03. Anders has also produced the album along with the band. Anders studio is located in the same building as the infamous Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden. Anders and the band have done a much better job with the sound picture than the last time. Daniel has written most of the music with some help by Glenn, Jesper has only written the music to one song. Daniel has contributed to make Dimension Zero sound more brutal, hard, aggressive, the music is also more varied than before. This album feels more worked trough than the debut. It’s still death/thrash metal that the band plays. As usual Jocke has written all of the lyrics.

This album contains 10 tracks but one is an intro so it’s really only 9 tracks. Just like the debut it’s only a one second break between the songs and just like the debut it lacks guitar solos but it is a lot of guitar riffing anyway. It’s just some shorter passages in the song that feels like guitar solos.

“THE INTRODUCTION TO WHAT THIS IS” heavy intro with guitar and drums with some talking, and it feels pretty meaningless to have it this way, the intro goes straight into the first song, and then.. Let the slaughter begin…the band takes no prisoners… “DIMENSION ZERO” really fast death/thrash. The speed is so fast that Jocke hardly has time to spit out the words and it’s a lot of guitars in the sound picture. “IMMACULATE” not as fast as the earlier song but not slow at all. Jocke is delivering the lyrics better than the previous song. In the chorus the speed slows down on everybody and this is heavy death/thrash with melodic passages throughout the song. “BLOOD ON THE STREETS”, “AMYGDALA” and “INTO AND OUT OF SUBSISTENCE” Incredibly fast songs once again with a lot of tempo changes trough the songs. Jocke sounds very angry on the whole album just as he did on the debut. You can also here what he sings; he has an incredibly broad vocal range. The chorus is very sing a long friendly. “THE FINAL DESTINATION” a lot of tempo changes trough the song and it’s a very lot of guitars in the mix. Very fast death/thrash metal. Mr.Nilsson works very hard behind the drums as he does trough all the songs. “KILLING MY SLEEP” and “THIS LIGHT” semi-fast death/thrash, the speed is really high, some calmer parts in the songs and here it’s something you can call a guitar solo. “DI’I MINORES” finishes off this opus. The speed is very high in the verses but in the chorus it’s the opposite. Incredibly strong finish off the second album and the song does not end, it just fades out.

“THIS IS HELL” is stronger than the debut, it feels more worked trough. It was a good move to let Daniel tag along and also let him write most of the music. Mr.Strömblad plays the bass on this album; on the debut he played both guitar and bass. This is one of the best albums that have arrived this year, it’s a masterpiece. I have played it a lot of times but I don’t have any favourite yet, all of the songs are really good. If you like death/thrash you should check this out.

5 got 4 when Glenn decided he wanted out of the band in August '03. The search of a replacement is in progress, according to the info note the band are going to tour Europe during this winter.
Track Listing

The Introduction To What This Is
Dimension Zero
Blood On The Streets
Into And Out Of Subsistence
The Final Destination
Killing My Sleep
This Light
DI´I Minores


G. Ljungström - Guitar
J. Strömblad - Bass
H. Nilsson - Drums
J. Göthberg - Lead Vocals
D. Antonsson - Guitar

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