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Dimension Zero
Silent Night Fever
April 2002
Released: 2002, Regain
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Cid

Can you say BIG disappointment?

I’ve been waiting for this CD since 1997’s EP PENETRATIONS FROM THE LOST WORLD and I must say I wish they hadn’t put out this one.

Dimension Zero have opted to bring us a watered down, solo-less version of what I consider great music. I mean, how can you honestly redo “Through the Virgin Sky” and remove the guitar solo? It’s just plain stupid! The song was brilliant in its original version on the EP, but it sounds more like a poor attempt at filling room in the CD now. The drums are so loud that they drown guitar work all over the place! I guess that’s what you get for letting Anders Friden mix your stuff…

I am fairly sure that everyone who has been expecting this for so long has been greatly disappointed. I noticed how bad the CD was when I actually sat down and listened to it with the intention of discovering something that would give the album an identity of its own, and couldn’t find anything at all. I sat there listening and listening and nothing stuck with me, nothing at all. It just seemed to me like a blunder of songs piled together to fill an album’s worth and get the product out. I blame it all on letting Fredrik Johansson get away…

Really… REALLY disappointed here.
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