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Digital Doomzday
Armageddon Legends
June 2011
Released: 2011, Indie
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: JP

This was given to me a ex-friend of mine. I say ex-friend because after giving me this disc he is off my Christmas list! What was he thinking? Was this some sort of a cruel joke? A prank? In all seriousness I think he gave it me because (I hope) he thinks that I will give it an honest list and a fair assessment. To be honest I don’t think he liked it very much either. Well, I did give Digital Doomsday a fair shake and here is the breakdown.

ARMAGEDDON LEGEND is the bands debut album, or long EP. Whatever it is, it’s 33 minutes long and has 8 tracks, so let’s call it an album. It is a collaboration between Roman Corkey (The Roman Empire) and Rob Doherty (ex- Into Eternity) and Dan Nargang (Kick Axe, ex-Into Eternity). It also features Flo from Cryptopsy on drums. Sounds promising right? It’s neat little Canadian thing with a triplet of known heavy-hitters. You’d think it has potential…but no.

Why? Well, for one the rap vocals. That just kills it right there. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m not open-mined about something especially rap in Metal. It just doesn’t work. The songs are pretty boring one-dimensional Nu-metal churns with Death vocals at times but mostly this silly, annoying rap thing. There are lots of industrial elements that drag the whole thing down as well.

I will say this. It does have a few positives. The lyrics are decent and laced with humour, I got a chuckle out of ‘Monsters In The Airlock’ and a few others. The production is pretty good. When Rob solos it’s his typical high quality. Anything Flo does (drumming-wise) is spot-on. These are all good features but collectively they still can’t save crappy, industrial, nu-Metal with rap vocals.

If you are open-minded and really tolerant and have a sense of humour I might recommend ARMAGGEDDON LEGENDS. If you like Fear Factory, SYL, electric-fried Skinlab, older Stuck Mojo, or the rap stuff that Anthrax has flirted with, you might like this. Approach with caution.
Track Listing

1. A Morgue Full Of Cyborgs
2. Doom's Only wounded
3. Monsters In The Airlock
4. It's All Over But The Dyin'
5. Under The Sky
6. War Hammer Grammar
7. 30666
8. Armageddon Legends


Roman Corkery- Vocals
Rob Doherty- Guitar
Flo Mounier-Drums



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