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Die Hard
Nihilistic Vision
November 2009
Released: 2009, Agonia Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Into serious Venom – added with some old school heavy/thrash metal worshipping, too? If you answered ´Oh yes…´, or ´Hell yeah!´, or just felt an inborn urgent need to show the ´devil´s sign´ to my question, then look no further.

From Uppsala, Sweden, crawls out this filthy sounding 3-headed ugly bastard, that worships naturally Satan, but also Venom and any dirty, old school related heavy/thrash metal acts (spiced with some occasional, slight death metal overtones here and there, too) – the best they can from their blackened hearts and darkened souls.

Die Hard marches arrogantly, but proudly forward with their heads up and middle fingers raised up, giving their very best shot for a filthier and rawer side of metal on their debut full-length NIHILISTIC VISION - and they are doing their thing very good, playing the kind of style everyone should like or love at least a little bit. Most of us have loved Venom, old Sodom, old Metallica, old Celtic Frost, old Deceased and the like, at some point of our life, right? Just what I said... ;o)

Die Hard´s vocalist & guitarist Hasse reminds me heavily of both Cronos of Venom and King Fowley of Deceased, whereas their raw and merciless thrash assault has taken the shortest road to Hell and back, which I find good and very fascinating in them. I can see Die Hard´s stuff attracting mostly the old school metal people who mainly enjoy their stuff vicious, wild and diabolical without any modernization of music, or polished musical aspects in it. But then again, everyone should give a spin or two to their stuff in order to realize how vital and essential it actually is to keep things somewhat simple to make it all work. That how it was done back in the day – and that is how Die Hard are doing it today, so… respect!

Probably not that essential, but still very good stuff here. Fucking Die Hard – and respect to old Venom, too!
Track Listing

01. Into the Desolate Halls of Death
02. Hidden Face
03. Bloody War
04. Nihilistic Vision
05. Fed to the Lions
06. Mercenaries of Hell
07. Ride the Incubus
08. I Am Possessed
09. Attack from the Back
10. Death Chasing the Flock of Mortals


Hasse - Vocals & guitar
Harry - Bass
Håkan Jonsson - Drums

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