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July 2010
Released: 2010, The End Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Demonator

Considering his storied contribution to music over the past three decades, it would be more than a crying shame if Glenn Danzig were to one day be written off as the muscle-bound caricature his detractors have oft portrayed him to be. Growing ever more vocal after the admittedly disastrous industrial turn of BLACKACIDEVIL, the nay-saying contingent has dismissed pretty much everything produced by the Evil Elvis since the early nineties, and more often than not to their detriment.

If you're among that lot, then read no further for DETH RED SABAOTH is by no means a rehash of Danzig's early records, despite stylistically having more in common with the likes of HOW THE GODS KILL than 6:66 SATAN'S CHILD ever did. Flanked by Type O Negative's Johnny Kelly (drums) and on-off collaborator, Tommy Victor (guitars), there's a decidedly bluesy feel to the record, emphasized by the opening wail of "Hammer Of The Gods" - a song that filters the best of classic Danzig through ringer of modern heavy metal goodness. Lead single, "On A Wicked Night", meanwhile plays like a subtly forlorn ode to Glenn's sadly deceased friend, Peter Steele, while both "Deth Red Moon" and "Ju-Ju Bone" sport choruses that are on a par with "Twist of Cain"'s classic rock urgency.

With such superb material making up the meat of a very solid effort, it's disappointing that a two-parter in "Pyre of Souls" and the album's finale "Left Hand Rise Above" end proceedings off on a underwhelming note, albeit only when compared to the ungodly goodness that preceded it. Still DETH RED SABAOTH offers much to make the majority of his fan thankful that he hasn't yet decided to pack it in altogether.
Track Listing

1. "Hammer of the Gods"
2. "The Revengeful"
3. "Rebel Spirits"
4. "Black Candy"
5. "On a Wicked Night"
6. "Deth Red Moon"
7. "Ju Ju Bone"
8. "Night Star Hel"
9. "Pyre of Souls: Incanticle"
10. "Pyre of Souls: Seasons of Pain"
11. "Left Hand Rise Above"


Glenn Danzig – vocals, bass, keyboards

Tommy Victor – guitar

Steve Zing – bass guitar

Johnny Kelly – drums

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