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Ia Pazuzu
June 2015
Released: 2015, Code666
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

After 14 years of musical silence, the Swedes in DiabolicuM release their third full length entitled “Ia Pazuzu”. No wonder the band have had such long period of silence, as the band’s history contains a load of members departing, changing of record label and what not. There has been several line-up changes, but what’s interesting with the new crew is the addition of Niklas Kvarforth on vocals. He is best known for his role as frontman in the avant-garde constellation, Shining.

DiabolicuM plays extreme metal. Or as they classify it: Industrial black metal. DiabolicuM have a clearer and cleaner sound when it comes to the black metal genre. Singer Kvarforth might be a very interesting character, but he has never been a supreme vocalist. The addition of him will without a doubt add more excitement and entertainment to a live experience, but on record it gets monotone. He is best when he slows down and delivers his lyrics in an almost shouting whisper. The clean singing on the other hand kills the mood. The layers on the record like the guitar solos and the keyboard layers are adding texture to the music that sometimes tends to get a bit dull.

DiabolicuM adds refreshment to a genre that is overdone and overkilled now a days. This is not a masterpiece, but thought, nerve and mind has been put into the process of the making of this record.

By Ellen Norvang
Track Listing

01: Baxxar Ehl Uhza
02: The Void Of Astaroth
03: The Silent Spring
04: Genocide Bliss
05: Salvation Through Vengeance
06: The Abyss Of The Shadows
07: One Mans War
08: Angelmaker
09: Ia Pazuzu


Niklas Kvarforth - vocals
Sasrof - guitars
Gorgorium - bass
Likstrand – guitar
Malfeitor Fabban (Aborym)
Vargher (Naglfar, Bewitched, Ancient Wisdom)

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