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Diabolical Breed
Compendium Infernus
November 2004
Released: 2004, World Chaos Production/Sound Pollution
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Diabolical Breed comes from Norway and are now releasing their debut album by the name of “COMPENDIUM INFERNUS”. To quote the info note these guys plays bombastic theatrical black metal and in the same note it also says “The band look evil, sounds evil. What else do you need from a Norwegian black metal band? Norwegian black metal at its best”.

Well, I can honestly say that we need much more from these guys. How about some good music!!. I wouldn’t say that this is black metal at its best, to me this is symphonic black metal that sounds terrible. Diabolical Breed consists of 5 members and on this debut they deliver 6 tracks in English and one in Norwegian. And by the sound of the almost invisible vocals the lyrics seems to be about the usual stuff when it comes to black metal, the devil, evil things, darkness and death.

The record was recorded in Studio Nord at the beginning of August 03. The band have done the production by themselves and they have done a really terrific job..NOT. They must have fell asleep behind the production stand or something because this must be one of the lousiest production I’ve heard so far this year. The vocals lie way too low and you can barely hear the vocals, the keyboard is way up in the mix and it takes far too big part in the soundpicture. The keyboards are so high up that you almost can’t hear the other instruments – well isn’t that pure black metal huh? They should have taken in a producer that know’s what he’s doing and by that they maybe might have gotten a higher rating from me. And to mention something about the cover I think it’s far too dark, ugly and not interesting at all, also that looks like its made by amataures.

This is a black metal band in the lower series and there are far more interesting bands you should check out before you even think of buying this album.
Track Listing

Dies Irae
Descendants of Satan
In mojorem sathanas gloriam
Hominis nocturn
The night of shooting star
In the eyes of the storm
Falne krigere


Commander Kael – lead vocals
Berserker – guitar
Nochmar – bass
Marquis De Enfer – drums
Count Dracon – keyboard



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