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Diabolic Force
March to Calvary
January 2010
Released: 2009, Metal Inquisition Records
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Who let this filthy and scabby dog out? This Brazilian trio, known as Diabolic Force too, contains members from othe Brazilian acts such as Farscape, Atomic Roar and The Endoparasites, has been around since 2001 - and creating chaos and confusion, and just causing lots of loud noises around them that some can tolerate better than the others.

Diabolic Force does not even intend to break new grounds musically but counts shamelessly on the same raw and filthy rockin´ sound on their debut album MARCH TO CALVARY that bands like Venom and the Italian porno machos Bulldozer have become known for over these sinful years when being involved with the metal scene. Their sound is very stripped down and almost naked, trusting 2-chord notes, WhipStriker´s harsh vocal approach and simply trying to sound convincing with their minimalistic efforts to make their songs to stand out on this 10-track effort.

Unfortunately they don´t quite succeed in their unholy purpose to make this all happen to them. It sounds like they have only had a couple of rehearsals, then booked time in a studio for them - and eventually jammed the songs in at one take. That´s how the result sounds anyway. I can partly appreciate this, but somehow I still demand a bit more from my metal than what they have got on offer on MARCH TO CALVARY. Don´t get me wrong though. I love the rawness on Venom´s debut WELCOME TO HELL - and I really happen to like all that dirtiness on Bulldozer´s THE DAY OF WRATH album, both albums proving that metal can be very simple and primitive and still sound great. The difference with Diabolic Force´s MARCH TO CALVARY is that it does not sound great - not even being close to anything we could bless with the simpliest words like ´great´, ´aweosome´, ´wonderful´ and the like. The whole album is like a fading shadow of what makes WELCOME TO HELL and THE DAY OF WRATH such great and adored albums what they both truly are.

Sorry Diabolic Force. Better luck next time though...
Track Listing

01. Useless Existence
02. I just Want to Get High
03. Bastard Stealer
04. Start the Armaggedon
05. Prisoner of Wickedness
06. The Beast Returns
07. Death Spells
08. Piss on Holy Ghost
09. Erection, Ejaculation, Exibicionism
10. March to Calvary


WhipStriker - Vocals & bass
PoisonHell - Guitar & backing vocals
Adelson - Drums

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