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Infinity Through Purifications
October 2003
Released: Octo, Century Media
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This Tampa, U.S based band is a new acquaintance for me. They started out in '97 with the original line up consisted by Paul – vocals, guitar/ Brian – guitar/ Ed – bass/ and Aantar on drums with the main goal to be one of the bands in the absolute elite in the extreme metal scene. The band did a lot of live shows and recorded the demo “CITY OF THE DEAD” and with that demo they landed a record deal both in the U.S and Europe. Their debut was called “SUPREME EVIL” and came in '98. After that they did a lot of touring and also a lot of member changes and old members coming back. Now it’s time to follow up their previous album “VENGEANCE ASCENDING” from '01 with this brand new record. The music and lyrics are written by Brian and a new guy Eric and the album were finished in May '03. After that a new member change came up and the bass player and singer Ed came back and they hired in Gael behind the drums and the band was set.

They used Sonic Ranch Studios to record the album and as a producer they used Neil Kernon (Cannibal Corpse, Nevermore, Testament etc). They chose a new producer this time; on their two previous albums they had Juan “Punchy” Gonzales (Morbid Angel). This is also the first release on their new label Century Media and altogether this is Diabolic’s fourth album.

If I haven’t mentioned it before Diabolic plays death metal with growling lead vocals by Ed, who now has taken over the vocals, straight trough the album. According to the info note this should be extreme death metal but I don’t agree with that at all. To me this sounds like any death metal band, it’s pretty standard. Partly their music goes pretty fast but sometimes its some slower parts as well and numerous amounts of tempo changes in each song.

This is, as I mentioned earlier, a standard death metal band like any other. The musicians are very competent but that’s all. There are a lot of bands who does this much better, instead of this mediocre band check out The Forsaken, Hypocrisy or the older albums by Morbid Angel instead.
Track Listing

From The Astral Plane.. Entwined With Infinity
Spiritual Transition
Satanic Barbarism
Internal Mental Cannibalism
Procession Of The Soulgrinders
Exsanguinated Life
Descending Through Portals Of Misery
Enter The Maelstrom


Ed Webb – Lead Vocals, Bass
Brian Malone – Guitar
Eric Hersemann – Guitar
Gael Barthelemy – Drums

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