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May 2006
Released: n/a, Poko Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Arto Lehtinen

If the Swedish bands like Soilwork and companies have succeeded in gaining the tremendous success in both Europe and North America with melodic and guitar oriented riffs, it shouldn’t be any problem for the Finnish Diablo to make an assault to the same league to conqueror the fans of that genre as well.

MIMIC 47 stands for all the elements of good metal albums. The opening songs like “Shadow World”, “Damien” kind of show Diablo haven’t started looking for other types of formula to the soundworld of their own. When listening to Mimic 47 or their previous work “ETERNIUM”, it can easily be pointed out this is Diablo as the four piece has succeeded in developing their own recognizable sounds.

Despite the band swears into the band of several old school legends ala Testament, Death etc.., but however Diablo can be categorized to the same level with several other so called big Swedish bands ala Soilwork. As in my opinion these kinds of bands play in the same backyard anyway.

The whole 11 track package is a real heavy and tight played with more groove elements tied up. But when listening to the album I can’t help thinking some parts have been re-used or even re-cycled. On the other hand it is quite logical to have some those elements if the whole concept works well.

But Diablo is definitely tight and hard live band giving a real forgettable and merciless set with the material off from MIMIC 47.

With this new album Diablo definitely belongs to the elite of the Finnish metal genre. Bust there is one thing what I don’t understand what the heck Diablo are still doing in Finland as this four piece metallers should be touring in Europe and elsewhere as there is demand for bands like Diablo right now.
Track Listing

1. Shadow World
2. Damien
3. Together as Lost
4. In Sorrow we Trust
5. Mimic 47
6. Condition Red
7. Kalla (Instr.)
8. Blackheart
9. Kathryn
10. Rebellion of One
11. D.O.A.


Rainer Nygård - Vocals, Guitar
Marko Utriainen - Guitar Aadolf Virtanen - Bass
Heikki Malmberg - Drums



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