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August 2014
Released: 2014, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

I am VERY proud of Greek Metal Scene, especially when I can find new bands on the plate like Diablery. After two great EP’s, the band was ready for the debut album, ARCHITECT.

ARCHITECT is a symphonic black metal album in the likes of Dimmu Borgir and old-school black metal bands like Mayhem in a modern way.

The first thing that struck me was how well written and brilliantly executed pieces was because it’s time to tell the truth, Symphonic Black Metal is tough, and strong musical knowledge is needed if you wish to combine these two musical genres. The Diablery have found no obstacles in that way. 10 exceptional pieces, including the intro and outro, which pin down the listener from the very beginning to the end, without getting tired at all, despite the relatively long duration (total duration of about 58 minutes).

With the speed going up and down throughout the duration of slow atmospheric parts quickly to outbreaks with blast beats, the guys have done an excellent job, both in pure Black Metal signs, and symphonic parts. The blast beats and classic icy, melodic riffs, blend nicely with the keys, the piano and the cello (cello which has completely replaced the bass). Sometimes the keys and orchestral parts are responsible for the epic nature of the music, the songs to tantalise and excite the listener, while the piano with cello give us very beautiful melodies (listen for example "Thus Made Perfect"), with first sent to a twisted and sound at various points, as in the introductory instrumental track. The band also does a great job in the rotation of the sound and atmosphere, passing through very beautiful melodies of classical music, in dark Black Metal melodies, but even more gloomy, such as the "Seal Thy Mouths with Pillars of Azurite", where the desperate cries give a depressing and stressful tone.

ARCHITECT is a very promising album with incredible tracks (if you are into this genre of course), ultra executed under an equally excellent production. This album convinces me and thus the record is one of the best I have heard this year… …In fact anyone who has anything to do with Metal can get this. Whether he is old school or new school, Thrasher or Rocker, there’s something on here for everybody.
Track Listing

1. Mysteria Aeterna
2. Architect of Manifestations
3. Embraced by the Theurgist
4. Vanity of Darkness
5. Magistris Inferiores
6. Thus Made Perfect
7. Seal Thy Mouths with Pillars of Azurite
8. Ichor Shrine Synagogue
9. Blackness Enshrouds This Congregation
10. Horn of Amentet


Setesh (Vocals / Guitar)
Nimerius (Guitar)
Nazfell (Synths)
Desaster (Bass)
Beleth (Drums)

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