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Dia De Los Muertos
No Money No Fiesta
May 2014
Released: 2014, Cinismo Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Considering that Dia De Los Muertos (DDLM for short) has featured current and former members of Agony and Nausea in its lineup, lists names like Jeff Walker, Scott Carlson, and Tony Campos among those that have made guest appearances on their records, and the fact that the LA based troupe pummel some of the best Latin flavored grind you’ll hear this side of Brujeria, and it’s baffling that our paths have never crossed before. Their newest EP NO MONEY NO FIESTA is a quick n’ dirty blast of fun that, along with the rest of their catalog, is available as a free download via the DDLM website.

NO MONEY NO FIESTA puts the emphasis on low end, rhythm heavy, pit ready riffs whilst vocalist Rosa Arias spits out venomous incantations in varying degrees of Spanglish. And while stylistically the riffs don’t break much in the way of new ground, the execution and energy that DDLM puts into each tune makes up for that tenfold (particularly “Cantina Del Infierno” and the title track). Tack on a rousing rendition of Sarcofago’s “Crush, Kill, Destroy” and you’ve got yourself a good time. The whole thing is over in done with in less time than it takes to watch a Family Guy rerun, but thankfully you’ve got the rest of the band’s catalog available through their website to tide you over.

I’m hopeful that this current incarnation of Dia De Los Muertos survives to a proper full length, because NO MONEY NO FIESTA isn’t enough to do the band justice. For those moments where you just need to punch a wall, NO MONEY NO FIESTA is a great soundtrack to your rampant hostilities. Do yourself a favor - check out the website, check out the band, but most importantly, check out the tunes.
Track Listing

1. Malinchista
2. Cantina Del Infierno
3. Adios M.F.
4. No Money - No Fiesta
5. Crush, Kill, Destroy (Sarcófago cover)


Alejandro Corredor - Bass
Alfonso Pinzon - Drums
Ray Mitchell - Guitars
Andres Jaramillo - Guitars
Rosa Arias – Vocals

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