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DHC Meinhof
Way Of Death EP
July 2005
Released: 2005, D-Trash Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

DHC Meinhof is an underrated Digital Hardcore act that never seems to get much in the way of press. Personally, I just don’t get it—the band is great, and better than a lot that’s out there. Live, this would be a menacing son of a bitch.

For less cultured hard music fans, Digital Hardcore is what cyberpunk what promised to be—the bastard child of industrial and hardcore punk, with elements of gabber, metal, and trip-hop thrown in for shits and grins. The beats are hard and fast; the guitars are raw and dirty. The vocals are shouts and howls against “the man.” If you hate the way modern Hardcore has become bogged down with trendy pop-punk refrains and obtuse, meandering Metalcore compositions, this is just the beast to satisfy your angry Marxist whims.

Songs like “The Inactive State” seethe with pounding metal riffs and the vaguely European diatribes from of twin terrorists Magg Destruction and Refuzer (a frequent collaborator of Canadian buzz-band Schizoid). “Way Of Death” is a swift-paced, jackboot tech-punk kick in the nads, with the sort of metallic gabber that gave Delta 9 a cult. “Like a Fire” has a hefty, lumbering backbeat that drifts angrily across the political conscience of the listener. The EP closes with the raw, punky “Lust For Life,” which narrowly avoids being the Iggy Pop song. Ultimately, the band is fairly representative of its style, if not a bit ahead of the game—the point/counterpoint male and female vocals give it a vibrancy that extends beyond the genre’s center. It’s loud, vicious, and way more threateningly aggressive than much of what parades as “Hardcore,” or anything with spikey hair, a pierced lip, or a wallet chain.
Track Listing

1. Way Of Death

2. Swastika Generation

3. The Inactive State

4. Like a Fire

5. Lust For Life


Miss Magg Destruction

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