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March 2002
Released: 2001, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Dew-Scented are a new name to the international scene and one that will be on the tips of many thrashers tongues once they hear their new album INWARDS. Having a name like “Dew-Scented” is not one which foretells of the savagery contained. The name makes me think of some kind of deodorant!! Apparently the name was inspired by one of Edgar Allan Poe’s tales. Despite the fact that this is the first many of you have heard of this band, they are not total new comers. Their first demo was recorded in 1993 which captured the interest of the SPV / Steamhammer label. The band then recorded their first album, IMMORTELLE, for the label. After touring and a couple of line-up changes the band recorded their follow up album INNOSCENT for a different label in 1998. This was quickly followed up in 1999 with the release of ILL-NATURED. In the summer of 2001 the band recoded their latest album, INWARDS, being the first album for Nuclear Blast and the first to have worldwide release and distribution.

As briefly mentioned in the opening, this is thrash metal. However, it does not take you back to the thrash metal that I was weaned on in the later 80’s (Testament, Megadeth, Death Angel, Forbidden, etc). This is not “pure” thrash because it is yet another of the death/thrash crossbreeds. Another of the long line of bands like The Crown, The Haunted, Carnal Forge, etc. this does not offer anything new. Despite this, I still really liked the album because of the riffing and songs. The other band that you’ll hear as an influence on the riffing is Slayer. Again, the vocals are nothing like Slayer and are more death metal. They are not the deep guttural death metal vocals but the more abrasive styled vocals as found in the aforementioned death/thrash bands. That’s my one complaint about all this “new” style of thrash….what happened to thrash vocals? Where are the Pete Souza’s, the Chuck Billy’s, the Russ Anderson’s, the Mark Osegueda’s? They are very few and far between in the newer breed of thrash metal. If you are an 80’s thrash fan, you’ll know who I’m talking about and the styles of vocals they had. Each was unique and had a style that was instantly recognizable!!!! It’s too bad that many of the newer death/thrash vocalists are a bit on the cookie cutter side. Despite this problem with Dew-Scented, the music makes up for the indistinct vocals. The riffing is incredible and the drumming is superb. This is what saves the album and makes it a must listen for fans of extreme thrash. There are no bad songs on here, so instead of point out certain ones, I’ll just say check out the whole damn album!!

INWARDS is not an album that took me a number of listens to get into. This is not a “grower.” This is something I instantly loved and related too. On a side note, if you’re lucky enough to pick up the Japanese version of the album you’ll hear the band covering Slayer’s “War Ensemble.” INWARDS, was released on February 19th so check it out!

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