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July 2002
Released: 2002, Spitfire Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Wisco

Now this is Danzig. Not since DANZIG 4, have I been able to say this with a degree of confidence. Glenn Danzig says that DANZIG 5 was a throwback to Samhain experimentation. That may be true, but it wasn’t Danzig as I had been accustomed to and so I opted out. To be honest, I never did check out DANZIG 6:66 and may not have sought out 7:77 if not for a friend’s recommendation. Much like DANZIG 4, there are a couple experimental tracks mixed in with DANZIG I style doom rockers. The experimental stuff I’m not crazy about (when I say experimental, I’m talking “modern”). Danzig excels when he sticks with what he does best: straight forward, metallic doom rock. Trust me, there are plenty of these types of tunes to satisfy. “Black Mass,” “Liber Skull,” “I Luciferi” and “Naked Witch” would fit nicely into the early Danzig catalog. Plus, we get a few “End of Time” style ballads. Ballads delivered Danzig style are a treat, to say the least. Some have said that Glenn’s voice has deteriorated and this release is proof positive. I don’t see it. Maybe he sounds a little reserved in some places, but this album is not an all out screamer as were the first few albums. 7:77 is a bit more reserved, but the vibe demands it. Have no fear, the ol’ unleashed fury is there for all to hear on more than a few songs. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised. Danzig certainly seems to have gotten back on the metallic track.
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