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September 2003
Released: 2003, Nuclear Blast Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

For me, German (retro-) thrashers Dew-Scented impressed me for the first time with their last year´s INWARDS album due to its relentless and brutal Thrash aggression that had a familiar ´slayerish´ approach on it which of course was more than fine with me - being a huge Slayer–fan that I am. The band´s new album, IMPACT, is neither less impressive nor weaker than their previous album content-wise. In fact, it impresses me even more with its slightly more straight and thrashy elements compared to INWARDS and I have to say that I´m already very convinced that if they are going to maintain their the ultra-tight thrashy direction that they have been doing on their last couple of albums, Dew-Scented has surely earned more than well all its attention and recognition that definitely belongs to them as one of the leading and most promising Thrash Metal forces from the European soil without any compromises.

On IMPACT, and all the 11 new songs on it, speak absolutely these dudes´ great volumes to churn out some fuckin´ killer and savage Thrash tunes that should stick to every self-respected thrasher´s head somewhat easily and indelibly. Everything on IMPACT sounds like these German thrasheads would have been doing this for ages already and that´s why the whole musical outcome of this album doesn´t sound forced a bit at all. The main stress has been laid down on intense and pounding Thrash-laden riffs of course that follow each other effortlessly one after another, leaving you some damn entertaining vibes afterwards. That´s what such songs as “New Found Pain”, “Destination Hell”, “Soul Poison”, “Cities of the Dead”, “Down My Neck” and many other songs off IMPACT did for me anyway, providing me a good enough reason to ´act wild´ while trying to get the shit analyzed in here for you. I have to point out that it´s actually really easy to like their stuff ´coz you have surely heard their Thrash-aggressions on some other albums before, in one form or another. In my opinion the thing with IMPACT is that even during your first spinning of the album you become very comfortable with the songs on it, naturally depending on whether you are sucker of this type of “through-your-spine” Thrash Metal. I surely know I am. The more aggressive, crunchy, brutal and fast parts are on offer on one album, the better for me. IMPACT has plenty of these ingredients in each of the songs and I have no need to beg for more.

IMPACT will most probably be on my personal “Top 5 Thrash Metal albums” list when 2003 has reached its end. And that wasn´t even hard to predict dear folks...
Track Listing

01. Acts of Rage
02. New Found Pain
03. Destination Hell
04. Soul Poison
05. Cities of the Dead
06. Down My Neck
07. One by One
08. Agony Designed
09. Slaughtervain
10. Flesh Reborn
11. 18 Hours


Leif Jensen – Vocals
Florian Mueller – Guitar
Patrick Heims – Bass
Uwe Werning – Drums

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