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Dew Scented
September 2007
Released: 2007, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Simon Lukic

The band with more than a passing interest in the letter “I” have returned with their 7th album INCINERATE. So is it a change in style? No sir, it’s business as usual here with the German’s grinding out another 11 tracks of intense Thrash Metal. The hint of Death Metal which has always been a part of their sound remains, as does the heavy mix that a Dew-Scented album is known for. So if you’re a fan of the band you will know what to expect - those new to the five-piece should keep on reading as this review is essentially for you.

Well let’s begin with the good points. The intensity old is retained and taken up a notch. Cuts like ‘The Fraud’, ‘Into The Arms Of Misery’ or ‘That's Why I Despise You’ certainly lead the way with a delivery so ferocious that it would make Kreator, Destruction or Slayer proud. The production as I said above is intense but it also has a very natural vibe about it which gives the album a very old school feel, which is something the band were definitely aiming for. The musicianship is as always exemplary and the individual performances are tight and effective.

Now for the not so good points. INCINERATE offers very few if any real surprises and makes for a listening experience that definitely falls into the “heard it all before” category. That’s a real shame because Dew-Scented are a sincere Metal band – one that has worked hard to elevate Thrash from its once dormant state for many years now. And with the attention Thrash has been receiving of late, it’s easy to forget that Dew-Scented have been at it since 1992, well before the renewed interest and hype.

Dew-Scented haven’t deviated or lost any focus as a band which is to be commended but I do feel that they’re at some sort of crossroads. Do they keep on the same path and remain true to their sound or do they progress slightly and avoid the trappings of stagnation. I would say that a little bit of experimentation would be an interesting prospect but with that said they’ll most probably remain true to themselves and tell someone like me to take a hike. More power to them either way.
Track Listing

Exordium (Intro)
Vanish Away
Final Warning
That's Why I Despise You
The Fraud
Into The Arms of Misery
Perdition for All
Now or Never
Everything Undone
Retain the Scars
Exitus (Outro)


Leif Jensen - Vocals
Hendrik Bache - Guitar
Florian Müller - Guitar
Alexander Pahl - Bass
Uwe Werning - Drums

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