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February 2005
Released: 2005, Unmatched Brutality Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

This will not be to all tastes. 1.3.8. encapsulates the entire recorded history of Devourment, including the mega-influential Impaled demo, and the oft-banned Molesting The Decapitated CD, as well as one new song.

Devourment were an influential gore-obsessed brutal Death Metal band that helped to pioneer the sick-as-slug-shit ultra-guttural gutter grind like a gutter ball in the nuts. Yes, the lyrics are a hoot; indeed, the vocals are frequently ridiculous. But fans of this sort of thing will soil themselves, for sure—and then they’ll all take pictures, and post it on the net.

Nothing screams “wanker” more than going on about how much more you loved a band’s demo than their LP proper. In this case, however, the wankers know their shit: the 3-song Impaled demo, featuring original vocalist Wayne Knupp, represents their finest work. Brutal in the utmost, and still all strangely memorable, these songs held a haunting, creepy sort of weight—they blasted forth like demons, and bludgeoned like the murders such inspired.

The new song, “Baby Killer,” carries a sick little groove that simply cooks like the sizzling placenta at a militant Pro-Choice rally.

The 8-song LP, however, is a different story. Stifled by cadaverous, less-than-sterling production, and vocals more humorous than frightening, Devourment is clearly a live band, and there is little they could achieve, studio-wise, that their original demo did not accomplish upon impact. This is not to say it without merit—it’s actually so brutal, it’s frightening. But it is to say that select elements of it will be appreciated for all the wrong reasons.

For example, those lyrics—here is but a sample: “Hundreds of maggots nesting in my nutsack/Horrible hybrid from the unseen/How will I rid myself of these filthy scum-guppies?/Fuck this crude larvae!” (taken from “Molesting The Decapitated.”)

Yes, he actually croaked, “Fuck this crude larvae.” That pretty much says it all, eh?

The vocals are insane—on the album’s highpoint, #11, “Shroud Of Encryption” (LP version), it actually sounds like lead-frog Ruben Rosas is rapping, like DMX after a tracheotomy. Other times, he sounds like a defective radiation counter, or some sort of flatulent hog-beast, gagging, hacking, and coughing up its spleen. .

Many a mallrat has purchased a Cannibal Corpse record to laugh at with his friends, only to mosh with wild abandon when these friends have long since left. Such is the fate of Devourment—they are destined to be a source of humor among friends, and a source of mosh-inducing catharsis upon these “friends’” departure. But for the seasoned Brutal Death and Gore Grind fan, it’s all these things and more.
Track Listing

1. Babykiller
2. Shroud Of Encryption (demo)
3. Festering Vomitous Mass (demo)
4. Choking On Bile (demo)
5. Festering Vomitous Mass
6. Post-Mortal Coprophagia
7. Choking On Bile
8. Molesting The Decapitated
9. Self-Disembowelment
10. Fucked To Death
11. Devour The Damned
12. Shroud Of Encryption


Wayne Knupp – Vocals
Ruben Ross – Vocals
Brain Wynn – Guitar
Kevin Clark – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mike Majewski – Bass
Brad Fincher – Drums

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