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March 2002
Released: 2000, Devolved Technologies PTY / LTD
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

First note: “Caution! Persons suffering epilepsy should avoid this recording as it may induce a reaction...” A second note: Devolved´s album TECHNOLOGIES has been voted by Trible J listeners and presenters as the no. 1. Australian metal album of 2002 - also, a special mention was made of the amazing live performances of the band… A third note: Having been listening to TECHNOLOGIES 3 times in a row, I have to admit Devolved has become the best torch bearers for the Australian metal scene since the always mighty Hobb´s Angel of Death. Their industrial-tinged, highly technical aggressive deathrash´ish metal just screams for quality in bold and fat letters indeed!!

It would be damn easy to say if FEAR FACTORY were more into things of deadly and thrashy, they might have had a fairly good chance to sound like Devolved. But nah, they never did, so I just don´t wanna waste a second for that disbanded band any more by mentioning about them along with Devolved.

Devolved´s musicians need to be mentioned by their names here ´coz I believe most of them are surely pretty unfamiliar for most of us. On TECHNOLOGIES the line-up is the following: Nik Carpenter – lead vocals, John Sankey – drums/samples, Brett Noordin – guitar/effects, Mark Walpole – guitar/effects and Joel Graham – bass/vocals. These five guys have succeeded in making 9 songs for the album off which it´s very hard to pick up your own favorites as they are all equally very good indeed. Musically, it is also kinda hard to say what´s the best category for them to fit in ´coz overall they represent some sort of a new breed in metal musically, bringing their complex Death/Thrash Metal onto a new level with the help of samples and different effects and maintaining a nice futuristic feel on this absolutely ripping album. ´A futuristic Death Metal´ may be the right term to use for describing the songs on TECHNILOGIES ´coz the future isn´t any limited concept and I bet these masters of brutality and a mind-blowing intensity don´t wanna limit themselves too much to any specific category. The songs have many twists and turns, lots of blast beats, some off-beats occasionally here and there that ooze an elegant and delicate brutality throughout the whole album – and just never leading a listener into a state of any kind of boredom or anything ´coz basically, as I stated earlier, all the songs do stand out equally good and manage to keep ´a vital yet necessary vibe´ going on while the whole album proceeds. In some peculiar way, however, they also remind me a bit of the two Canadian brutal metalists, namely Bob Sadzak´s Inner Thought and Obliveon; kind of like a mix of these two in a good, well-balanced measure, but packed with an extra furious dose of more pissed-off vocals and more distorted rhythms and stuff. The whole album is like where all the adrenaline lives and where a wide selection of frustrations is for sale for metal bands that are after for aggressiveness and a sheer brutality into their own releases. TECHNOLOGIES contains all these ingredients and that´s why I cannot do anything else than suggest you to buy it immediately from your local metal specialist.

Thanxx to EvilG for introducing this killer Australian band for me. I owe you one…
Track Listing

01. Distorted
02. Supremacy
03. Progress
04. Second Face
05. Adapt
06. Fallen Cities
07. Aversive Control
08. Functional Conflict
09. Emergence


Nik Carpenter - Vocals
John Sankey - Drums & samples
Brett Noordin - Guitar & effects
Mark Walpole - Guitar & effects
Joel Graham - Bass & vocals

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by Luxi Lahtinen

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