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Devils Whorehouse
Revelation Unorthodox
January 2004
Released: n/a, Regain Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This band/project was formed by B. War and Morgan from Marduk with two local musicians in January 2000. They started out as a cover band playing old songs by the Misfits and Samhain. After two rehearsals they started to write their own material in the same genre as the bands mentioned above. The band went into the studio to record their first MCD THE HOWLING in April 2000 and they also did their first live show at the same time in Halloween of the same year. They have only played two live shows, as far as I know, the first at Halloween 2000 and the second at Halloween 2001.During the summer of 2003 they went into the studio to record their debut album.

I haven’t heard the MCD so this is my first meeting with this band/project. As mentioned, they are inspired by the Misfits, Danzig and Samhain, but also by horror movies/death/monsters. Just look at the titles of the songs to see what inspires them.

Devils Whorehouse selected Abyss Studio in Sweden and producer Tommy Tagtgren to record and produce their debut. Usually Tommy just produces death/thrash/black/speed metal at the Abyss Studio. However, as always he's done a great job although this may be a new musical experience for him. The production is brilliant and it has a dirty, garage, punk feel. And what about the music then... If you expect this to sound like what Morgan and B. War does in Marduk, you are totally wrong. This is punk/dark gothic with hints of heavy rock. You can also call this horror rock or death rock if you want, sadly they sound pretty standard. Morgan knows what he's doing on guitar so does Hrafn who has a very heavy sound. Zwedda has a very weak/thin voice without any broader vocal range. His voice suits parts of the songs, but on the other half he has a tendency to sound very monotonous. The album starts of with a short intro called "DEATH FROM BEYOND". Then comes "SWALLOW YOUR SOUL", "HOWLING", "THE RAVEN", "REVELATION UNORTHODOX", "PENTAGRAM MURDERER", "BLOOD NYMPHOMAN" and "WE LIVE AGAIN". Those songs are a bit faster and they sound quite punky as well. This is death rock/horror rock and borders to some real heavy rock as well. On "BONDAGE GODDESS", "FUNERAL DREAM", "BLOOD ANGELS RECITAT", "EROTIKILL" and "DEATHWISH" the speed is slower and they also sound darker than the others. I think that you also can sense some slight influences of doom metal on some of the songs.

This is nothing original or new, but despite that it sounds pretty good. Zweddas voice drags down the rating a bit and as does the fact that some of the material is weak. The cover isn't very good looking if I could say something about that.

If you are into heavy death rock/horror rock, or if you curious about what Morgan and B. War sounds like besides Marduk, you should check this band out.
Track Listing

Death From Beyond (Intro)
Swallow Your Grave
The Raven
Bondage Goddess
Revelation Unorthodox
Funeral Dream
Pentagram Murderer
Blood Angels Recital
We Live Again


Morgan - guitar
B. War - bass
Zwedda - lead vocals
Hrafn - drums

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