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The Great and Secret Show
December 2014
Released: 31st, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Devilment have been around since 2011 but have only just released their debut album ‘The Great and Secret Show’. They have taken time to build up the hype that would naturally surround a band which is fronted by Dani Filth, by releasing demos. Their sound is a mishmash of styles but best described as symphonic gothic metal

Industrial keyboards in opener ‘Summer Arteries' make my ears prick up, however once Dani Filth’s vocals come in my skin crawls and I want this song to end. Not a great start

'Even your Blood Group rejects Me' has teenage poetry lyrics to go with it's title and features obvious rhyming couplets such as "Remember last December, Winders temper to your surrender". Lyrically things don’t get much better with ‘Girl from Mystery Island’ but at least it is a more interesting song. Dani’s trademark high-pitched black metal screams are balanced out by the penetrating spooky vocals of keyboardist Lauren Francis. This song is however let down by random strings, which sound like a school orchestra. No where can this album be called truly symphonic.

‘Mother Kali’opens with Arabic strings and eastern sounding female vocal melodies, hinting at this being an oriental metal track. Unfortunately all these elements are quickly overpowered by heavy metal guitars and Dani’s screams galloping over. Sections of chanting pop up but these are quickly pushed below the surface, leaving the song to resemble an argument of ideas where the trademark style of Filth won.

By the time ‘Staring At The Werewolf Corps’ comes on I am glad there are only 3 more tracks left to listen to. The aforementioned track itself is has a horror film feel which makes it stand out. By the time I reach the closing and also title track, I’m glad the listening experience is coming to an end. It’s the least silly and most mature of the album. I found myself enjoying the bonus track cover of Midnight Oil’s ‘Beds are Burning’ more than any song on the album.

Devilment have a good underlying sound which is spoiled by the involvement of Mr Filth. I am going to guess this has gotten them more exposure than they would have otherwise, but I’m left wondering if they could have been a much better band.

Fans who have grown up with CoF will probably find it’s the best release they have heard all year, but the rest of us will probably listen to it once and forget it.

Review by Victoria Fenbane
Track Listing

1.Summer Arteries
2.Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me
3.Girl From Mystery Island
4.The Stake In My Heart
5.Living With The Fungus
6.Mother Kali
7.Staring At The Werewolf Corps
8.Sanity Hits A (Perfect) Zero
9.Laudanum Skull
10.The Great And Secret Show


Dani Filth - vocals
Daniel Finch - guitar
Nich Johnson – bass
Colin Parks - guitar
Lauren Francis - vocals, keys
Aaron Boast - drums

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