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Devilish Impressions
The I
December 2017
Released: 2017,
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Polish Blackened Deathsters Devilish Impressions have carved quite a niche for themselves. "The I" is their fourth full length album, and shows a band who have refined their core sound to a frighteningly claustrophobic level. The net result is an album that has no wasted seconds. Every riff counts.

The album opens with the vicious title track, an ice cold blast which bellows and bleats like a possessed billy goat. The addition of some NWOBHM harmonies add a nice layer to the carnage, also. Next up is "The Dove And The Serpent", which is epic, melodic and devastating, and "Eosphorous" - an evocative voyage with a great feel.

Proceedings ensue with "Imprinted Stigma", with its gigantic riffs like white hot molten lava, a lavish masterpiece, and "Ipse Philosophvs, Daemon, Devs et Omnia" - eerie, evocative - it is breathlessly and effortlessly epic. Following this is "Czerń i biel" a chilling, tuneful and painfully cold hammer blow. The album concludes with "The Fatal Messiah", as dynamic as it is cadaverous and cavernous. A superlative exercise in pacing, with riffs that bleed into your psyche.

Devilish Impressions offer forth the perfect balance of melody and grit, underpinned by some wondrously inspired lead guitar, which comes on like Dave Gilmour fused with Iron Maiden. If the band had offered a touch more velocity in places then the album would have been flawless. A nightmarish vista of visions.

Review By Owen Thompson
Track Listing

1. The I
2. The Dove And The Serpent
3. Eosphorous
4. Imprinted Stigma
5. Ipse Philosohvs, Daemons, Devs et Omnia
6. Czerń i biel
7. The Fatal Messiah


Quazarre - Vocals/Guitar
Icanraz - Drums
Vraath - Bass/Backing Vocals



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