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Devilish Impressions
Plurima Mortis Imago
April 2007
Released: 2006, Conquer Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Poland is one of those countries in Europe in which the country’s metal scene has catapulted many impressive and talented metal acts to us worldwide metal-loving people. Especially a vast division of both Black - and Death Metal bands is what this country is famous for. Vader, Hazael, Violent Dirge, Graveland, Behemoth, Devilyn, Hell-Born, Damnation, Vesania, etc.- are just only a few bands from the large Polish metal scene that have caused positive thrills amongst the metal maniacs all over the world.

Devilish Impressions is one of those bands that have the potential to become a mass fave amongst both Black - and Death Metal fans, who have sworn in the name of bands like - let´s say, later era Emperor and Dimmu Borgir. Check out such songs as “Funeral of God” and “SataniChaoSymphony”. Those two particular songs just couldn’t sound more Emperor-like, huh!. Also a song titled “Rebellion of Will Manifesto” surely has its Dimmu -moments that a listener cannot escape anywhere. If you don´t hear them, then you are deaf - and yet they aren’t afraid of a mild touch of avant-gardism in extreme metal either. Devilish Impressions have all those aforementioned elements on offer on the blackened menu of PLURIMA MORTIS IMAGO, and hence they don´t offer any easy entrance in for listeners. The songs on P.M.I. have many different layers one upon another, and in order to get them fully opened one by one (which, to be honest, has not happened to me yet), you need several listening sessions to really understand what’s going on in the songs. In fact, these 4 Polish fellows don’t let you easily to make up your mind at all regarding what you should eventually think about this record. At least that´s something that disturbed me about PLURIMA MORTIS IMAGO at first. Melting lots of atmospheric, keyboard-driven elements together with somewhat an amazing technicality - and wrapping all this up with the intensity and furiousness of Black - and Death Metal, are the main key elements to baptize this album enough with a fistful of ´quality guaranteed´ stamps. For a demanding metal consumer, this album surely offers enough challenge, lots of hard concentration-filled details and quite a few ´devilish impressions´ to be chewed on. I broke a couple of my teeth by taking a way too big bite at one time, but hey... Don´t worry, I should really be okay now.
Track Listing

01. Lunarium
02. Rebellion of Will Manifesto
03. Visions of Kingdome to Come
04. Dracula's Mechanized Universe
05. Funeral of God
06. Alpha & Omega Spaces
07. Crowned to Be Crucified
08. Smell of Death
09. SataniChaoSymphony
10. SataniChaoSymphony (bonus video)


Quazarre - All vocals, lead and rhythm guitars
Turqouissa - Synthesizers
Starash - Lead and rhythm guitars
Adrian Nefarious - Bass guitar
Dragor - Drums

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