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Devilish Impressions
Diabolicanos - Act III: Armageddon
December 2007
Released: 2007, Conquer Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Polish blacksters Devilish Impressions have grabbed their arms again and are on their new war march to crush all those weak souls that kiss their crosses for Jesus Christ, the son of God. Uh, I hope you got some sort of picture anyway of what I mean with this somewhat clumsy and naive metaphor.

Devilish Impression have returned to us with another fine plateful of their avantgarde-ish black/death metal that obeys the name, DIABOLICANOS - ACT III: ARMAGEDDON. Sounds like lotsa fun, doesn´t it? ;o)

Basically nothing has changed since the band´s strong and hope-arousing debut album, titled PLURIMA MORTIS. The band still seems to want to take the most winding road to be wandered through musically, sort of testing their own barriers and how far they can actually go without loosening any of the strings firmly placed in their hands - and ending up sounding really damn interesting and adventurous for their own good, which is great of course.

What has pretty radically changed in them, it sounds like they have tried to get rid of most of those elements that could link them to either Emperor´or Dimmu´s direction. Of course some keyboard parts and clean singing are still present in their protean, constantly changing sound, but still nicely avoiding sinking into those armed traps that could introduce Devilish Impressions as just either another Emperor or Dimmu clone band. Like it was the case with their debut album, there´s many different layers one upon another, it takes more than just a couple of listens to get the songs absorbed in your mind. So don´t expect any easy listen with this album as you won´t get one. What Devilish Impressions have also done on DIABOLICANOS, they have paid more attention to strong melodies that dominate most of their song structures this time - more than what was present in the songs on PLURIMA MORTIS. And don´t even try to read between the lines that they could have calmed down a bit as they haven´t. Adding melodies isn´t always a synonym for ´calming down´ if you were mistakenly thinking something like that. The band´s intensity and plain aggression is still on a hot level even if the presence of melodic sections has increased quite a lot in their song structures on this excellent album. It has only done good for them, believe me.

"The Word Was Made Flesh Turned into Chaos Again" makes your imagination fly, like you have been locked in some madhouse amongst some other mentally unstable and suffering residents. The song´s haunting and sickening atmosphere nails a poor listener to the iron gate immediately after the first chords escape from the band´s torture chamber. Also it´s nearly impossible to resist all that epicness that is present in "Tales of Babylon´s Whore". This song is probably entitled to have the title as the catchiest and most hypnotic tune that Devilish Impressions have brought out from their dark catacombs into the daylight.

I have very little to complain about their follow-up album if anything at all. Devilish Impressions is adopting a sound of their very own little by little, better and better - and I already reckon them as the most potential and talented groups coming from Poland nowadays as far as this country´s extreme metal is concerned. DIABOLICANOS is seriously a very impressive album, and its true strength naturally lies in these guys´ capability to write not only potentially 3 or 4 true stand-out tracks for the album, but an albumful of quality songs. So get it - and be impressed by it!
Track Listing

01. T.H.O.R.N.S.
02. Rex Inferni
03. The Word Was Made Flesh Turned into Chaos Again
04. I Am the Son of God
05. Tales Of Babylon’s Whore
06. Diabolicanos
07. Natas Ro Dog On Si Ereht (of Plagues and Blasphemy)
08. Har-Magedon
09. Mass for the Dead


Quazarre - Vocals & guitars
Starash - Guitars
Armers - Guitars
Icanraz - Drums
Turqouissa - Synth

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