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Critical Failure
August 2010
Released: 2010, Deep Six Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: JP

What have we got here? A new band formed by music veterans. That’s always kinda cool when people step outside of the box of what they are known for. I’m not really sure if the term ‘super-group’ applies here, in fact I’m sure the band members would laugh at the concept. However, the fact remains there is some real talent in D.I.S.

Comprised of ex-dudes from Eat The Living, No Warning, Phobia and Exhumed these guys have created a nice blend of death, thrash and punk. Maybe not so much Death and Grind and more punk. It’s pretty damn relentless that’s for sure. Clocking in at under half an hour for ten tunes, it never really lets up.

I’ve never been a fan of punk and there are very few bands that cross the two genres that I enjoy. I know my bias upfront. I just can’t get into the shouted punk vocals. No range, no power, just yelling no singing. That is the major drawback for me. Lack of solos is another flaw, but admittedly this is not the forum for that.

The production is decent, the performances loose and sloppy, the guitar tone is great, everything is nice and loud and brash, the way it should be for these types of albums. It sounds pretty much live to me, or at the very least knocked out in the studio in a fairly short-time. It sounds spontaneous and fun.

I’m impressed and can intellectually appreciate the exercise but emotionally it just doesn’t do much for me. If you like Death and Roll, some of the more ‘modern’ type of metal bands or crossover stuff then this will be right up your alley. If that’s the case ignore my score and add a couple of points and crank it up!
Track Listing

1. Speak Of Hate
2. Veil Of Greed
3. Fake
4. CF
5. Marked To The Vein
6. Lamentations
7. Extend This Misery
8. Bloodwolf
9. Legion
10. Bleed Forward


Mike Fraser-Vocals
Bruce Reeves-Guitar
Leon Del Muerte-Guitar
Kent Elmore-Bass
Sean Vahle-Drums

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