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Seven Years of Battle
April 2011
Released: 2011, Stormspell Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Puerto Rico´s own traditional/epic/doom metal pride, Dantesco, have now released their 3rd studio album on Stormspell Records, titled SEVEN YEARS OF BATTLE. The band´s previous album, PAGANO, was released in 2008 by the band members themselves on their own label Coqui Satanico Records (which was later on, licensed by Cruz Del Sur for the European release, with 2 additional bonus tracks). 3 years have gone almost like it feels PAGANO was released only yesterday…

The fans of Dantesco´s previous work, PAGANO, can take a deep breath and breathe freely because SEVEN YEARS OF BATTLE has many of the same trademark-ish elements that were found from the songs of PAGANO as well. Epic and doomy heavy metal this is – and Erico la Bestia´s unusual operatic vocal style is still strongly present in the songs on SEVEN YEARS OF BATTLE. Again, the whole album sounds very carefully crafted, the band showing the excellence of their song writing skills with maximum potentiality that is nothing but admirable in them.

Dantesco´s heavy, dramatic and epic metal on SEVEN YEARS OF BATTLE, doesn´t really leave much to be desired. The richness and cleverness of their way to use some of the best musical ingredients the aforementioned genre has on offer, is evident throughout the entire album – and the amount of sheer catchiness that they have managed to squeeze into their songs on this new opus, is just amazing.

The spirit of bands like Candlemass and Black Sabbath are naturally a big part of Dantesco´s own signature sound, but then again when talking about both epic and doom in the same sentence, those two band names seem to pop up from somewhere – almost every time when mentioning about things doomy and heavier than your wet trousers. The 1st three tracks off this record – in order, “The Burning Times”, “Rasputin” and “Carnifex” represent Dantesco´s sort of Candlemass-tinged doomy side most, which I personally like most as well whereas more up-tempo songs “Anima Et Corpus” and “Purinos Polemos (Viriathus)” lean even more towards those areas where many power metal acts suck their vital juices from. Dantesco´s cover version from a classic Savatage song, “Dungeons Are Calling”, is also relatively well made, giving just enough justice to the original version of this particular song in question, these Puerto Rican metal heroes giving it their own touch.

As usual, you can count on Dantesco as there´s always something good in the works whenever a new release bolt out from their direction. SEVEN YEARS OF BATTLE makes no exception to this rule much either - it´s somewhat brilliant as wholeness I would say.
Track Listing

01. The Burning Times
02. Rasputin
03. Carnifex
04. Anima et Corpus
05. Purinos Polemos (Viriathus)
06. Guerrero
07. El Baile de las Brujas
08. The Dungeons Are Calling*

* Savatage cover


Erico La Bestia - Vocals
Joel Carrasquillo - Lead guitar
Dennis Torres - Guitar
Ramon de Jesús - Bass and classical guitar
Wampa - Drums

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