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Warning of the Night
December 2009
Released: 2009, Glam Nation Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

I still remember the times when I was a teenager, and me together with some of my childhood friends, wanted to be something really damn ´cool´ - in the eyes of girls especially. So we formed a band. We all loved bands like Savatage, Metallica, Judas Priest, King Diamond and stuff like that. We only played cover songs from all those bands, and never really wanted to make our own songs at all. It was too much of work, stress and trouble - and we just wanted to party more than concentrate on writing our own songs, you know.

Then these party types of friends of mine started using eyeliners and other crappy stuff on their faces, wearing on girly, multi-colored clothes – and wanted us to look more like a hard partying glam rock band than anything else really. As I did not like their idea to dress up like a girl, understandably I did not fit in this same picture with my friends any more either. At that time I also loved bands like Slayer, Anthrax, Testament, Blessed Death, Piledriver, etc. – all those bands that sounded kind of more extreme - one way or the other, back in the day. So, they kicked me out from this band.

Did I get traumatized? Ha, of course not. I actually felt more relieved for not jumping on to their hair metal madness bandwagon back at that time.

Finland´s Desyre is a glam/hard rock band with some Christian views in their lyrics. When I look at the guys in the inner sleeve of the CD, it still gives me the creeps to think what I would have become if I had not been listening to my Slayers, Testaments, etc. in early-mid ´80s.

Anyway, I can appreciate what these fellows in Desyre have done on their debut full-length album titled WARNING OF THE NIGHT, to a certain extent. This stuff reminds me strongly of bands like Hanoi Rocks, Smack and early Mötley Crüe that I also used to listen to a little bit, some 25 years ago or whatever. Hell, even Desyre´s vocalist Mazi Bee reminds me quite a bit of Anzi of Smack and a young version of Vince Neil from Mötley Crüe vocally. Their songs offer sort of a garage/small club band kind of feel on the disc - like they had played live their songs in for this recording at the first take only.

It´s actually kind of a brave attempt from them to play this type of old-fashioned glam/hard rock stuff – and bringing some Christian views into their stuff, like Stryper did with style so many years ago. I have no clue at all how well this stuff still goes for people these days, but at least they are trying to get some fans by their hair metal craziness. Hope that they don´t throw me a Bible though when seeing this so-called ´review´ that is more about me myself than their debut album (what it should have been all about in the very first place).
Track Listing

01. Warning of the Night
02. Dreams
03. Can't Let Go
04. Yule Night Brightness
05. Calling
06. Mr. Hyde in Delite
07. Ransom
08. No One Knows
09. Undoing of My Life
10. The Battle
11. Burning in the 3rd Degree


Mazi Bee - Vocals & guitar
Coco Tommy - Guitar & BGV's
Mike Seeker - Bass & BGV's
Jayce Prime - Drums

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by Luxi Lahtinen

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