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Master of Hate
August 2012
Released: 2012, Abyss Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Formed in 2007, the duo of guitarist/vocalist Markus Joha and drummer Michael Ibrahim rapidly evolved over the course of two demos into the boundary-pushing and deadly outfit they are today. Dubbed "Murder Metal" by the musicians who crafted the style, DESULTOR is unique as they are extreme. This is Swedish metal supreme. Masters of Hate was recorded and mastered by Sverker Widgren at Sweden's Necromorbus Studios.

Well here is the first full length album debut from Sweden’s Desultor… …and my GOD what a debut this is! Right from the beginning this is an album that is coming at you full force with some of the fastest blast beats, double bass drumming and awesomely aggressive yet beautifully melodic vocal lines that I’ve ever heard together on one album!

If you’re a fan of Nevermore/Warrel Dane style vocals and lyrics then you will absolutely love this album! It’s like someone got all of Nevermore together in a room during the Godless Endeavour era, gave them an almighty MOUNTAIN of cocaine and said “Right lads! Record an album at double the speed that you normally would!” and with Master of Hate, Desultor have done that and then some! Every song on the album is just an absolute unrelenting pounding chaotic wall of Metal sound which for any fan of awesomely fast and heavy but also more importantly melodic Heavy Metal like me would absolutely love!

Track highlights from the album is most definitely And So We Bleed that sounds like it could easily be some kind of unreleased Nevermore track from their Godless Endeavour era like I was talking about before. The Luxury of Pain also features an almost Black Metal style intro that just sounds heavy as all FUCK! And the track that starts the whole album off ‘Black Monday’ is something that will quite simply rip your fucking face off and scream into your bleeding eyes! Pure bliss! :-D

This is an album unlike anything I’ve really heard before, for all intents and purposes the music of the backing band is fast paced, a lot of blast beats and double bass pedalling that even I as a drummer can’t work out how this guy is doing it as fast as he is! (please teach me! :-P) and some fucking heavy riffs that wouldn’t be out of place on a pretty heavy Death or Black Metal release, but on the flip side all accompanied by some amazingly brilliant melodic vocals throughout by Markus Joha, the likes of which I have not heard since first hearing Warrel Dane’s unique voice way back when.

I am really almost tempted to give this album 5 out of 5 but as it’s a debut album, I’m going to keep it at 4.5 for now in order to encourage them to do even better with the next release! ;-D But for all intents and purposes this IS by far and away an album that every Metal fan needs to check out. If this album is not somewhere high up in the best releases of 2012 when the Metal Rules folk get together at the end of the year then you can state my opinion now that it would be a fucking crime not to acknowledge these guys!

A fucking breath taking debut album from a frankly jaw droppingly promising band! If you are a fan of nice and heavy fast Metal in the form of Nevermore, Warrel Dane, Zyklon, Strapping Young Lad, Dethklok and the like then you fucking OWE it to yourself to check out this album and have your fucking ears destroyed!

Let’s get you guys out there touring and at some festivals so we can hear this music destroy the fucking place!

Review by Joffie Lovett
Track Listing

1. Chapter 1: New Era
2. Black Monday
3. Another World
4. Denied
5. Division Insane
6. Chapter 2: The Phoenix
7. And So We Bleed...
8. The Luxury of Pain
9. Caged
10. Masters of Hate
11. The End


Ibrahim Stråhlman - Drums
Markus Joha - Guitars, Vocals

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