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Destruction 412
February 2005
Released: 2004, Independent
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Destruction 412 is another half-baked Hatebreed clone that is pissed off at the world and not afraid to say so. Based out of Pittsburgh, Destruction 412 is straight-up hardcore complete with tough guy threats and the usual chest-beating mentality of the genre. There are some decent breakdowns here but the music is as generic as I have ever heard. Vocals are shouted a la Jamey Jasta and the riffing is heavy on the Slayer/Pantera worship. One thing that I DID like about this release was the absence of any moronic anthems about being “hardcore for life” that were old and tired fifteen years ago. Also of note, for an independent release, the sound is exceptionally good with a nice, thick drum sound and enough bass to curl your toes. It’s just to bad that I have heard this a hundred times before and done much better.

“Beggar” is a definite nod to Hatebreed but the riffs are enough to interest the metal crowd, as well. Rob Heil’s vocals are fueled with enough testosterone to make Barry Bonds jealous but the opening call out to “all the wannabe faggots who want to be hard ass punks. Why you always gotta be talking shit?” sounds forced and geared towards the 14 year old in a wife beater shirt who wants to feel tough. The Pantera-like delivery on “Brutality” is a bit better and Ken Seeman lays down a sweet bass line that it is a surefire mosh pit starter. Everything falls apart in the vocal department on “Crimson Art,” where Rob Heil decides to take a clean approach (bad idea) and turns the track into a horribly out-of-tune slab of nu-metal crap. The other two tracks are standard hardcore fare with nothing outstanding to mention.

Destruction 412 is lucky that I got this CD because some of our, er, less diplomatic review staff would either use this CD as a Frisbee toy for their dog or write a scathing review filled with expletives and derogatory remarks about their mothers because we are a METAL site. I, however, will give the band due space and give them the “honest” opinion they asked for in their bio. Gentlemen, nu-metal is dead and (hopefully) will not be coming back and hardcore is as one-note of a genre as there is. If you are going to stay hardcore, mix it up a little more. If you choose to bring more metal elements in, by all means, send along the full-length when it’s produced but if it is anything like this demo, I can almost guarantee a fast track to nowhere.

Sorry, fellas…you asked for an honest opinion.

KILLER KUTS: “Brutality”
Track Listing

1. Beggar
2. Brutality
3. Crimson Art
4. Downfall
5. Saddam


Rob Heil—Vocals
Jake Loera—Guitar
Dan Krajewski—Guitar
Ken Seeman—Bass
Pat Loera—Drums

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