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Thrash Anthems II
January 2018
Released: 2017, n/a
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Finally, the review I was born to do! One day way back a far more youthful long haired me came across a compilation album from SPV if I remember correctly, and on this album was a pleasant little ditty from a band called Destruction. I can’t remember exactly which song it was as the hair has disappeared along with many a brain cell over the years, but I think I wore a hole in the album right about where that track was.

Fast forward 40 odd years and this release lands before yours truly. Having released “Thrash Anthems I” roughly ten years beforehand, the boys decided to treat us to some more reimaginations of their past glory. Initially funded via PledgeMusic by the fans, Nuclear Blast Records finally came to their senses and picked the album up. Foolish of them to not in the first place I say.

So as I said, these are re-recordings of a lot of their early material, specifically from the “Eternal Devastation”, “Infernal Overkill”, “Sentence of Death”, “Cracked Brain”, “Release From Agony” albums and a song from their demo “Bestial Invasion Of Hell”. It also includes a version of some song about Cambodia by some dudes named “The Dead Kennedy’s”, and don’t they thrash the living shit out of it.

Now, whether you agree with the treatment they have given each of these songs and prefer to be some sort of old skool music arse is up to you. I can proudly say that I have each and every one of their albums, most are great but there was the odd stinker, specifically when after a hiatus of some time they reformed. Regardless, this album is an absolute cracker. Schmier on bass and vocals snarls his way through each song as is his want, and the most underrated guitarist in the world Mike Sifringer absolutely fucking murders his guitar. Drum duties are handled by a man with a name so confounding we shall just call him Vaaver, and salute him for even attempting to keep up with these other two mad men.

Back to my comment about Mike, he seriously is the most underrated man in the metal scene. More like some sort of classically trained virtuoso or a man who sold his soul at the crossroads at midnight to the devil in exchange for absolute mastery of the six string. Any aspiring Thrash player needs to have a listen to his ability to create riffs that totally mesmerise. Such complexity, power and speed is put into his playing one wonders why his guitars don’t fucking explode.

Schmier is no slouch on the bass either for that matter, a menacing undertone snaking around the guitar like some gargantuan python from the days of old. Their ability to write such infectious and downright fucking awesome tunes has always made me compare them to the world's finest composers. Doubt my words? Have a listen and deny it if you can.

A masterclass in Thrash is what this is. “Confused Mind” starts the proceedings in an eerie manner, and then kicks you right in the goolies. Classics such as “Black Mass” and “Dissatisfied Existence” prove all of what I have said above, and “Ripping You off blind” is yet another ball tearing sonic assault. Labelled as part of the German big four alongside Tankard, Kreator and Sodom, these fine fellows have always stood a mile above the pack for mine. Sheer fucking Teutonic murder at it’s finest.

I may think that some of the versions aren’t as great as the originals, but who cares. This is either a fantastic addition to an already bursting list of albums for those in the know, or a great starting point for the aspiring Thrasher out there. Get this, get volume one, fuck get all of their albums. EVERY METAL HEAD needs to bask in the glory of Destruction. I myself dabble more in the Death Metal side of things these days, but fuck me a good belting around the ears by this release has put a huge grin on my face. Utterly Thrashtastic.

Review by Andrew Cook.
Track Listing

1. Confused Mind
2. Black Mass
3. Frontbeast
4. Dissatisfied Excistence
5. United by Hatred
6. The Ritual
7. Black Death
8. Antichrist
9. Confound Games
10. Rippin' you off blind
11. Satan's Vengeance
12. Holiday in Cambodia


Schmier - Vocals/Bass
Mike - Guitar
Vaaver - Drums

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